Things to do in Montana

You won't be at a loss for things to do in Montana, especially if you visit during the peak summer season. Montana activities of the outdoor variety abound in the summer, but that doesn't mean that the other seasons don't have something to offer as well. Seeing the budding mountain flowers in the spring and fall is enough to convince some travelers to arrange an off season vacation in Montana. The attractions in Montana range from natural wonders to cultural treasures, and when you're not visiting historical sites or taking in a majestic mountain vista, you can keep busy any number of ways. The following recommendations for things to do in Montana highlight some of the state's best attractions and activities. There are many more to consider, however, which is why Montana vacations are only growing in popularity.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is one of the most scenic areas in the entire United States, and the breathtaking mountain views that can be enjoyed here have been attracting tourists for decades on end. The wildlife viewing in Glacier National Park is hard to beat, and you can enjoy a full range of other activities here as well, such as hiking. Staying at one of the Glacier National Park hotels can keep you close to all that the park has to offer, and you might also check out the accommodations in the nearby towns of Bigfork, Kalispell, and Whitefish.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is also a cherished national treasure, and visiting it is easily among the top things to do in Montana. Only about 3 percent of Yellowstone National Park is actually found in Montana, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy it on a vacation in Montana. As is true at Glacier National Park, guides are available at Yellowstone to point out some key spots and to help you maximize your time in the park. Wildlife viewing is also a favorite activity here, and if you love camping, getting a back country permit and escaping from society for a bit is a real thrill.

Flathead Lake

There are a lot of scenic lakes that you can enjoy any number of ways in Montana, but few are as dynamic, or nearly as large, as Flathead Lake. Found in the northwestern part of the state, this is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River and is an ideal boating destination during the summertime, and you can also canoe or kayak on it if you please. Flathead Lake is also a prime destination for enjoying one of the most popular Montana activities, which is mentioned in the next entry on this list.


Of all the possible Montana activities that visitors can enjoy, fishing is among the most popular. Anglers from around the world come to experience the world-class fishing that Montana has to offer. Fly fishing in rivers like the Yellowstone River is epic, and with so many great lakes found throughout the state, you can also do plenty of lake fishing. Fishing can be enjoyed year round in Montana, though you'll likely be fishing through the ice during the winter.

Montana Lewis and Clark Trail

Many people who plan to enjoy a vacation in Montana come partly to enjoy the beautiful landscape, and partly to take in the state's historical and cultural sites. Few sites in the state are as historically important as the Lewis and Clark Trail. When Lewis and Clark took their famous Corps of Discovery trip between the years of 1804 and 1806, they passed through Montana twice. Landmarks like Pompey's Pillar near Billings give testament to their past presence.

Hot Springs

Soaking in the warm and rejuvenating waters at one of the Montana hot springs destinations is a treat that all Montana visitors should enjoy. You'll find hot springs in Montana mostly throughout the western portion of the state, and you might be surprised to know that you can enjoy them year round. The Chico Hot Springs, which can be found in Paradise Valley, are among the most renowned hot springs in the state, as are Yellowstone's Mammoth Hot Springs, which you unfortunately can't take a soak in.

Paradise Valley

The Paradise Valley in Montana is a beautiful land where outdoor recreation can be enjoyed full tilt. Located in the southwestern part of the state, Paradise Valley is a privileged area that rests between the Gallatin Mountain Range and the Absaroka Mountain Range. Finding things to do in Montana is easy when you visit Paradise Valley, and you're close enough to Yellowstone to enjoy a side trip. Bozeman and Billings aren't too far off either!


In winter, skiing is king when it comes to things to do in Montana. The Montana mountains are big, and they are blanketed in light and fluffy snow during the colder months. Long vertical drops, stellar snow, and short lift lines help to make Montana skiing so great. You'll hardly find better skiing conditions anywhere else in the country, especially when heading to resorts and ski areas like Big Sky, Whitefish Mountain, and Bridger's Bowl.

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