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Montana tours come in all shapes and sizes, and enjoying one or more of them is a great way to add some extra excitement to your trip. Booking an extended tour of Montana, or at least part of Montana, is a good idea for those who want to enjoy some of the state's premier experiences, while tours are also ideal for focusing on specific attractions. You can tour a museum, a national park, or a whole city when it comes to the more specific Montana tours, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Montana tours can be arranged before you arrive or you can book them as you go once you get here. If it's an extended tour of Montana that you're interested in, your meals, your lodging, and your accommodations are usually covered in the price of the tour. It's kind of like an all-inclusive deal.

If you plan on enjoying an extended tour of Montana, checking out the various Montana vacation packages is a good way to go. Some travel companies offer set itineraries that involve different sites and points of interest, while others can help you tailor your vacation experience to best suit your wants and needs. When customizing your tour of Montana, many vacation providers will recommend accommodations and activities to help you plan the perfect escape. These accommodations and activities recommendations pay close attention to your budget, and you shouldn't expect any surprise charges. Yellowstone National Park is just one of the featured destinations that a potential tour of Montana includes, and you can enjoy a full range of outdoor activities once you get there. Snowmobiling, hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing are just some of the things that you can do on Yellowstone tours. Should you want to tour Yellowstone on its own, there are plenty of guides who offer half-day, full-day, and multi-day tour options.

Glacier National Park is another top destination for Montana tours. In Glacier National Park, the pristine mountain vistas are inspirational and the outdoor recreational opportunities are replete. If you are interested in Montana bus tours, one of the most popular ones can be enjoyed in Glacier National Park. The historic red bus tours here travel across the Going-to-the-Sun Road, which runs right through the heart of the park. You can take a drive on the same road if you prefer, but when you leave the driving up to someone else, you'll find it much easier to take in the views. There are some neat hotels in Glacier Park, and one of the tours that you can book here has you staying in most of them for at least a night. This allows you to see as much of the park as possible in a relatively short amount of time.

When you're not enjoying a more extensive tour of Montana, enjoying smaller, isolated tours is a great way to spice things up. In Helena, for example, a trip on the Last Chance Tour Train is recommended. These tours, which last about an hour, have you riding in a trolley train that departs from the Montana Historical Society Museum. Once everyone is aboard, the trolley's take to the streets of Helena. Important attractions are highlighted along the way. Over in Bozeman, guided and self-guided walking tours of the city's historic neighborhood are a joy. Many Montana cities and towns have historic districts, so they are ideal for walking tours. Even if you just cover the blocks between Tracy Avenue and Grand Avenue when enjoying a historic walking tour in Bozeman, you'll come across 29 restored structures that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Montana rail tours are just one more kind of tour that you can add to your Montana travel itinerary. In Missoula and Livingston, you'll be able to book Montana rail tours that take to the Rockies. In fact, most of the Montana rail tours stick to the mountains and to the original tracks that the original Northern Pacific Railroad once used. These tracks course through parts of Montana and Idaho, so you can sightsee in both states if you want to. When booking Montana rail tours, you'll often be able to book bus tours on the side that head for such grand destinations as Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. When it comes to the Montana tours, there are just so many possibilities.

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