Whitefish Montana

Like many Montana towns and cities, Whitefish grew considerably in the early 1900s following the implementation of the Great Northern Railway. Many of the buildings that were erected during this period of growth are still standing to this day, and they make for great Whitefish attractions if you are interested in the historical side of things. Complementing the historic feel of downtown Whitefish Montana is the dramatic landscape that rises up around the small city. Whitefish is located in the shadows of Big Mountain, and a line of mountains stretch across the horizon just north of town. It's quite a divine setting, especially when you consider that Whitefish also lies on the shores of beautiful Whitefish Lake. So many outdoor recreational possibilities are possible when you enjoy vacations to Whitefish, and there's enough back in town to satisfy the time in between.

The historic railroad town that is Whitefish Montana no longer depends on the logging industry that helped to feed its growth. These days, tourism is replacing everything else as the main industry, which has been the norm since the first local ski resort was built back in the late 1940s. Formerly known as the Big Mountain Ski and Summer Resort, the Whitefish Mountain Resort is a ski and snowboard haven for anyone who is looking to play in the snow during the winter months. The snow falls quite heavily in northwestern Montana during winter, and if you really want to find some soft powder, backcountry ski tours can be booked at the Whitefish Mountain Resort. You can also do some backcountry skiing, not to mention some cross-country skiing and a little bit of snowshoeing, on a guided wintertime Glacier Park Tour. Yes, the stunningly scenic area that is Glacier National Park begins just 25 miles east of Whitefish Montana. Regardless of the time of year, it's recommended that you plan to enjoy at least a day trip to Glacier National Park while enjoying Whitefish travel.

Dog sled adventures and snowmobile tours are just some of the other things that you can enjoy on wintertime vacations to Whitefish, and in the summer, things like golf, mountain biking, and hiking are among the favorite activities. Whitefish lies on the northern edge of the Flathead Valley, which is arguably the best Montana golf destination. There are no less than nine championship golf courses in the Flathead Valley, and all can easily be reached from the resort or from town. Should the hiking bug hit you while engaging in warm-weather Whitefish travel, taking some time out to enjoy the Danny On Trail at Big Mountain is sure to please. The trail tops out at 6,817 feet above sea level, and stunning mountain views are guaranteed. Summertime and wintertime vacation packages are available at the Whitefish Mountain Resort, and you'll do well to check them out when planning vacations to Whitefish.

As is true of the town of Kalispell, which is another premier Flathead Valley vacation destination, Whitefish has quite an artistic side to it. While enjoying time in town, stopping in to see what the various art galleries have on display is a fun and relaxing way to spend some time. You don't necessarily have to head to a local gallery in Whitefish to purchase some art, however. Many local artists have some of their work on display, and for sale, at various Whitefish restaurants. Adding to the cultural scene in Whitefish is the Whitefish Theatre Company, which puts on shows that any fan of the theatre will enjoy. The Whitefish Theatre Company also hosts special events throughout the year, such as touring productions and Symphony and Opera performances. Whitefish might be a small town, but it has enough of a big city edge to satisfy anyone looking for cultural infusion.

There are several Montana airports near all the right places, and just eleven miles from Whitefish is the Glacier Park International Airport. As such, you can fly directly in and save yourself some time on the ground. Buses run regular routes between Whitefish, Kalispell, and Missoula to the west, so you can choose to arrive that way as well. Renting a car or driving into town in your own vehicle is an option that some travelers will prefer. Regardless of how you choose to arrive when making your Whitefish travel plans, a delightful Rocky Mountain haven awaits you. A good mix of Whitefish hotels and vacation rentals are available, and it's recommended that you book your stay in advance during the peak winter and summer travel seasons.

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