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For business and pleasure travelers alike, Nebraska flights prove one of the best ways to access the many cities and things to do in Nebraska. Flights to Nebraska are widely available, and its airports are well equipped to serve the many millions who fly into and out of the state on a yearly basis. While it’s not possible to fly to Nebraska from international destinations, the state is well connected to a number of domestic destinations, meaning the international traveler can still reach a destination here by simply changing flights once. On the other end of the scale, there are also numerous routes that connect Nebraska’s urban hubs (such as Omaha and Lincoln) to each other, which means you can always take a short airborne hop instead of renting a car and driving for hours.

In terms of finding the best cheap airfare to Nebraska, the booking tool on this page will prove your best bet. Once you’ve selected your point of departure and your desired destination, it will compare the rates of a wide selection of airlines and return the most affordable results for your consideration. If you’re looking to fly to Nebraska on the cheap, it’s also worth taking note of price seasonality, as the question of when to go will effect the eventual amount you pay out. Summer, for example, tends to be high season, so prices during this period will often be higher than during other parts of the year.

Flights to Nebraska from other states mainly arrive at Eppley Airfield, which is the state’s largest airport. Three miles from Omaha, it serves around five million passengers a year, with routes that cover the majority of the US. Eppley Airfield is also the destination for passengers heading to parts of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and South Dakota. For travelers flying in from Denver, Chicago, and Minneapolis, Lincoln airport – officially known as the Lincoln Municipal Airport – is the likely point of disembarkation. Four miles from Lincoln itself, it’s Nebraska’s second largest airport, and is conveniently situated next to I-80, which ploughs through he heart of the state. Other, small airports include the Western Nebraska Regional Airport, which is close to Scottsbluff and serves flights to Nebraska from Denver and vice versa.

When looking to fly to Nebraska, it’s worth checking out whether a Nebraska vacation package would save you money. These will often (though not always) include Nebraska flights, accommodation, and car rentals in the discounted price. Such vacation packages are designed so that you can make the most of Nebraska, its splendid scenery, and its many and wonderful things to do. For example, the Henry Dooly Zoo in Omaha is considered one of the best zoos in America; it remains an abiding attraction of Nebraska. Equally, the cultish Carhenge makes for a memorable day out, as do the state’s many museums and cultural establishments. Nebraska flights have a wealth of possibilities that await anyone taking them.

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