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There’s a long list of Nebraska events that ensure the state’s calendar is full of cultural-sightseeing opportunities. It’s probably fair to say that most locals and many tourists are acquainted with the Nebraska State Fair, which is Nebraska’s headlining event, but that’s not to slight the other excellent happenings that take place here year round. From art buffs to sport lovers, there’s something here to indulge just about every taste. And, on top of that, Nebraska boasts a surprising amount of memorable year-round things to do. Consequently, whether you’re here on business or pleasure, there’s bound to be something that will keep you occupied for days – if not weeks – on end.

When listing Nebraska Festivals, it’s natural that the Nebraska State Fair should come first. Quite simply, events in Nebraska don’t come bigger than this. Inaugurated back in 1859, when it was designed to be a farmers gathering, it has since gone through a history that’s vacillated between the illustrious and the troubled. At one point not so long ago, the festival’s future looked bleak, with decreasing attendance affecting its financial viability. Thanks to a state drive, however, the 21st century has seen the festival rise like a phoenix from the flames, and today people flock here from all over the country.

Attractions at the Nebraska State Fair include carnival shows, fairground rides, monster truck shows, demolition derbies, beauty pageants, dog shows, marching bands, and a whole lot more. As Nebraska events go, this really is one for all the family; the array of entertainment in display is enough to make any child stare in awe, while parents can rest assured that a well-stocked beer garden awaits should some sustenance be needed. The Nebraska State Fair takes place in Lincoln over ten days in summer, ending on Labor Day.

Another good summer offering from the Nebraska events calendar is the Omaha Summer Arts Festival. Situated in the downtown area of Omaha, it’s a vibrant occasion that mixes musical performances with street art and gallery exhibitions. A little later in the summer, ARTSaha! follows similar cultural lines, focusing mainly upon classical and cutting-edge contemporary music. And there are other Nebraska festivals that showcase the state’s artistic talents; the Omaha Literary Fest, for example, offers seminars, readings and exhibitions throughout the month of September.

Another September festival is the (aptly named) Septemberfest. Held in the Qwest Convention Center in Omaha, it comprises a barrage of motorcycle, airplane, music, and circus shows, along with NASA demonstrations and a rummage sale. The Septemberfest is often voted one of America’s foremost indoor events, and it’s certainly one of the most memorable of the Nebraska festivals.

Sports lovers will find June to be a good month for a visit that ties in with Nebraska events, given the College World Series, which plays itself out in Omaha’s Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium over ten days during the month. The Crossroads Car Festival is also to be enjoyed during June. It organizes a street parade and a static exhibition of hot rods, classic cars, trucks and almost anything on four wheels.

Many Nebraska vacation packages will tie in with Nebraska festivals, so it’s worth looking out for those cheap offers and last minute deals. If you do organize a trip yourself, car rentals prove the best way of seeing Nebraska and its sights, especially since airlines to Nebraska only serve a limited number of routes.

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