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Sure, Nebraska has plenty of cornfields, but that is not all you are going to see here. A Nebraska vacation rewards visitors with wide open plains where you can see nothing on the horizon. Imagine how nice it would be to leave it all behind for a bit to go to a place where you can park your car in the middle of an open road and just let the big sky or an unassuming bird become your main interest. Surely one of your main concerns when traveling through the Cornhusker State is where to rest your head. As Nebraska tourism grows, so does the selection of Nebraska hotels. In this article, we'll quickly examine various points of interest around the state, and the kinds of Nebraska hotels you can expect there.

If you are crossing through America's breadbasket on Interstate 80, when you enter the eastern part of Nebraska from Iowa, the first place you'll run into is Omaha. The city of Omaha sits on the banks of the Missouri River, and it is the biggest city in the state. In Omaha, there are plenty of attractions to keep you entertained, from the Durham Western Heritage Museum, to the beautiful Lauritzen Gardens. A ride on a riverboat is always fun, and for shopping, dining, or just hanging out, the Old Market is worthy of trekking. If you are worried about the supply of Omaha hotels, you'll be happy to hear that over 10,000 rooms await visitors looking for a place to stay. With full-service Omaha hotels, and plenty of options for discount Nebraska lodging, visiting Omaha is possible on any budget. Downtown, you can enjoy plenty of amenities while being close to the main attractions. With the abundance of chain brand Omaha hotels, you can find a convenient place to sleep, whether you are passing through or staying. Couples might consider the Omaha bed and breakfasts for a romantic getaway.

Just southwest of Omaha is the capital city of Lincoln. Home to the University of Nebraska, Lincoln gives you that college town feel, and thanks to it, you can find some interesting choices for Lincoln NE hotels. Omaha's public parks cover more than 6,000, and the endless miles of scenic trails offer excellent hiking and biking. There are a bunch of attractions in Lincoln that can keep you busy, and with a wide variety of dining experiences available, Lincoln truly suits all tastes. Much like Omaha, the Lincoln NE hotels consist mostly of a few downtown four-star options, a ton of moderately-priced hotels, some nice bed and breakfasts and many a budget Nebraska hotel. There are good deals for Lincoln NE hotels near the airport, and you are none too far from attractions like the downtown Haymarket district and the University of Nebraska Memorial Stadium. It's a couple hundred of miles from Lincoln to the city of North Platte, but once you get there, you will find plenty of North Platte hotels. Once you have your accommodations and have settled in, the first place you might head to is the Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park and State Recreation Area. Obviously, the cowboy Buffalo Bill is honored here, and you can see and tour his former Nebraska spread. More family fun can be had at the Lake Maloney State Recreation Area. This beautiful lake offers plenty of swimming, boating, camping and picnic spots. North Platte hotels consist mostly of chain hotels, some a bit better than others, and you can find more budget Nebraska hotel choices here at the various motels and inns. The majority of choices are on the south side of town.

West of North Platte, towards the Wyoming border, the small city of Scottsbluff offers plenty to see and do. The Scottsbluff hotels provide accommodations that can serve as your base for visits to Chimney Rock. It's Nebraska's most notable natural landmark, often mentioned in the journals of pioneers passing through on the California, Mormon and Oregon Trails. The Riverside Zoo is worth a visit, and as for outdoor recreation, you can enjoy golfing, hiking, birdwatching and fishing. The Scottsbluff hotels are mostly of the chain or motel variety, so you have plenty of options here to find a budget Nebraska hotel. Some of the moderately-priced hotels feature suites and more amenities, and you might consider the Barn Anew Bed and Breakfast in conjunction with a visit to the Prairie Vine Winery. For a unique Nebraska experience, you might head north near the South Dakota border to the town of Merriman. Near here is the Arthur Bowring Sandhills Ranch State Historical Park, which features the state's only living-history ranch, same as it was during Nebraska's settlement days. The bulk of options for hotels in the area are motels and small inn, mostly in the nearby town of Gordon. Across the border, the South Dakota hotels in the town of Martin offer like options for affordable inns and motels.

To enjoy Nebraska's Sanhills region, where you can find waterfalls, canyons and the country's largest manmade forest, you might shack up in the town of Valentine. Valentine was named by National Geographic Adventure Magazine as one of the country's top wilderness towns, and here you can find the Sandhills Museum. Feel like gambling? Head to Valentine's Rosebud Casino, where you will find good package deals for the Quality Inn Hotel. There are plenty of motels and affordable inns here, some moderately-priced chain hotels, and for a change, try staying in a cabin on the Niobrara River. Near the town of Rose, you will find a most unique option for Nebraska hotels. At the Hutchinson Buffalo Ranch, besides checking out the bison and riding a wagon, you can sleep in a sod house or opt for a tipi. For discount Nebraska lodging, there certainly are many options throughout the state. You might be surprised at how affordable staying in a Nebraska resort or lodge can be, and they are the perfect alternative to the general motels and hotels that abound here. Whether you are heading to the neighboring states of Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri, or staying around for a while, the Nebraska hotels should prove to supply you with an ample selection.

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