Omaha Old Market

Omaha Old Market is far and away the city’s most historic and evocative district. Horse-drawn carriages define it, as do brick-paved streets, plant-pot covered sidewalks, and well-preserved historical buildings, all of which hark back to the days of yore. But the Old Market in Omaha is far from being a dead historical monument. Rather, Omaha Old Market District is alive and buzzing; a shopping, entertainment, and nightlife hub to which locals and tourists alike flock during both day and night. A trip to Nebraska is simply not complete without gracing the cobbled streets of the Old Market in Omaha.

Many of Nebraska’s standout attractions are situated here, which means you may well find yourself in Omaha Old Market without having intentionally planned your visit there. The Joslyn Art Museum is one such attraction; a simply marvelous Art Deco cum Native American structure, it heralds a veritable barrage of art, from ancient Greek pottery to twentieth-century abstract works by masters such as Matisse and Pollack. Away from the Joslyn, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art is also situated in Omaha Old Market, and makes for an equally worthwhile visit.

Another member of the Nebraska museums situated in Omaha is the Omaha Children’s Museum, which bills itself as an interactive space designed to engage the imagination of children. Here kids can play at being a doctor, a radio personality, or a fire truck driver, before watching well-designed performances demonstrate the fun side of science. Omaha Old Market District also includes the Henry Doorly Zoo, which boasts an astounding collection of species from across the globe, and the verdant botanical greenery of the Lauritzen Gardens.

Museums aside, the Old Market in Omaha is all about two things: daytime exploration and nighttime relaxation. This really is a district to savor, and walking around during the day brings with it a host of attention-grabbing sights. If you’re interested in the history of the place, walking tours of historical buildings are widely available. For shoppers, meanwhile, Omaha Old Market District is renowned for its up-market boutiques, which makes window-shopping high on many visitors list of things to do.

Then, come nighttime, Omaha Old Market offers a glut of eating, drinking, and entertainment options. Some of Nebraska’s best dining establishments are located here, and whether you’re looking for fine dining, fast food, or atmospheric coffee houses, there’s guaranteed to be something that fits the bill. Once you’ve had your fill, head to one of the area’s theatres or comedy clubs for some straight-up entertainment, before ending the night in an Old Market pub or tavern.

Many of the priciest Omaha hotels are to be found in the Omaha Old Market district, with Marriott, Hilton, and Sheraton all boasting a presence here. For more budget-mindful travelers, cheap hotels are plentiful in Omaha, though you may find yourself staying a little further out of town. Still, Old Market remains easily accessible from these establishments, and the rate is often a fraction of the price charged by the more illustrious hotels in Omaha Old Market.

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