Nebraska State Capitol

The Nebraska state capitol building rewards a visit whether you can spare one hour or several. This imposing edifice is the legislative seat of the state, and its appearance truly befits its lofty purpose. Quite simply, the state capitol building in Nebraska is one of the most impressive state capitols to be found anywhere in North America. From its façade, which mixes Classical and Art Deco styles, to its mural-packed interior, the Nebraska capitol building is splendid through and through. Don’t be put off by its official purpose as the administrative center of Nebraska; the state capitol building is not to be missed.

The Nebraska state capitol owes its existence to the state’s history. The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 announced Nebraska as an official territory, but it wasn’t until after statehood was bestowed upon the area in 1857 that it was finally decided to build a new state capital with accompanying State Capitol building. Lincoln was born. Over the following fifty to sixty years, four different buildings fulfilled the role of the Nebraska capitol building. Each was deemed insufficient in one way or another, prompting the designing of the current building in the early 1920s. The state capitol building in Nebraska as it currently stands is the work of renowned architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue. Construction was completed in 1932 after a ten-year project that cost a whopping 10 million dollars.

The design of the State Capitol building in Nebraska is notable for a number of reasons. For a start, its symmetrical exterior predates and preempts many of the skyscrapers that are to be found today in urbanities across North America. Aside from its sheer size (it’s one the tallest state capitols in the country), the building’s outer decorations also call for attention; carvings into the limestone surface depict the evolution of democracy over 4,000 years.

If the Nebraska state capitol may seem a touch monolithic to some from the outside, its interior is surprisingly intricate, with an array of marble mosaics and murals telling the story of Nebraska’s past. The free, guided tours around the building confirm the suspicion that this exceptional place is basically one of Nebraska’s best museums; the decorations offer insights and anecdotes into years of history and legislative rule.

The Nebraska capitol building is situated just to the west of Lincoln’s center. As with other attractions in the state, it’s a good idea to consider when to go before actually heading out; the guides are busiest in the first half of the year, especially between March and May when many school groups descend to learn from this piece of architectural history. That being said, you don’t normally have to wait for too long for a guide, unless you’re in a large group, in which case it’s best to book in advance.

There are many nearby Lincoln hotels to suit all needs and budgets. Of the airlines that fly to Nebraska, only Denver, Chicago, and Minneapolis fly to Lincoln Municipal Airport. As a result, unless you’re flying in from one of these destinations, car rentals are the best way to access Lincoln and its excellent capitol building.

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