Nebraska Vacation

When planning a Nebraska vacation – or for that matter, any type Nebraska travel – deciding when to go is key to making the most of your time in the state. This remains true whether you’re a vacationer looking to enjoy the host of things to do here, or a business traveler needing to catch quality sleep in one of the excellent Nebraska hotels. The nature of Nebraska travel changes quite markedly from one season to the next, with snowy winters replacing boiling hot summers. And it’s not just the seasons in Nebraska that are known for their changeability; there’s a local saying that "if you don’t like the weather, just wait for 5 minutes," such is its ability to flip from one extreme to the next, day in day out.

Many people travel to Nebraska simply to enjoy its unique mix of geography. The state is basically split into two land regions: gently rolling hills of the dissected till plains cover its eastern half, while the diverse topography of the Great Plains cover its western half. Both are not, although a Nebraska vacation that focuses on the Great Plains will find the thermometer a level higher than one that takes in the western till plains. The air is more arid here, and while today wheat covers much of the land, it’s easy to see how it was once considered the Great American Desert.

The seasons in Nebraska ensure there is plenty to do year round for incoming visitors. During summer, the numerous state parks, historic trails, and of course those endless stretches of Great Plains make for awesome Nebraska travel. With supposedly more miles of river than any other state, Nebraska is a particular favorite for those looking to pass time fishing and boating. If that takes your fancy, there are plenty of well-equipped camping sites dotted around, ensuring a lengthy outdoor Nebraska vacation is easily acquired.

During the winter, Nebraska becomes a wonderland, with much of the plains and many of the urbanities covered in beautiful white snow. There are various adventure-sport related activities to keep you occupied during this period, including cross-country skiing, ice skating, and snowmobiling. Of course, standing snow means below zero temperatures, which is certainly something to consider when packing for your Nebraska vacation!

Nebraska events should also factor when deciding on the right time to visit the state. Of the four seasons in Nebraska, summer is the one most potent with events; there’s the excellent Nebraska State Fair, the Crossroads Car Festival, and the College World Series, to name but a few among many. That’s not to say that the other seasons are bereft of festivities, however. Autumn heralds the massive Septemberfest, and the Omaha Literary Festival, while winter brings with it various winter-sporting competitions.

Nebraska holiday packages often take into account seasonality when calculating prices, which means you’ll likely find many palatable offers during low season. Other packages will focus on a particular event or activity, which takes away the stress of planning. All in all, they prove an excellent way to experience this varied and surprisingly rewarding state.



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