Nebraska Wildlife Safari

In a manner of speaking, going on a Nebraska wildlife safari is one of the state’s most prevalent attractions. After all, this is the Midwest, and Nebraska is famed for its endless stretches of semi-arid land. Consequently visitors need only to utilize car rentals and drive out into the Great Plains in order to experience a Nebraska wildlife safari, as animals indigenous to the land will be apparent everywhere. That being said, there is one specially designed wildlife safari park Nebraska has to offer: the Lee G Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari.

The Lee G Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari is situated a short drive from both Lincoln and Omaha, where many visitors to the state stay due to the urban facilities and range of cheap hotels. It’s an excellent tourist attraction; a 440-acre site that has been designed to offer visitors the experience of Nebraska wildlife safari while also caring for the animals and carrying out numerous conservation projects to ensure their species last into the future.

This wildlife safari park Nebraska allows visitors to take a four-mile drive through the area, which is populated by elk, bison, antelope, white-tailed deer, and other animals indigenous to the plains. For those who are happy to leave the safety of their car, a short walk over a bridge in one part of the park takes you to Wolf Canyon, where a pack of grey wolves live and breed. In truth, your safety while in the park is never in doubt; expert guides lead long hiking trips and night-long camping excursions without putting people at undue risk. While camping is one of Nebraska’s best outdoor things to do, joining one of these excursions adds an added element of excitement to the activity.

The Lee G Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari is a $5 million creation, and it thus comes as little surprise that the land is uniformly well kept. Those who work here are genuinely passionate about this wildlife safari park Nebraska has to offer, and the conservation projects they carry out on the side are real labors of love. The same can be said of the Henry Doorly Zoo, which is considered the foremost of Nebraska’s zoos, and often goes hand-in-hand with a trip to the Lee G Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari.

Once you’ve explored the Conservation Park to its full, a short car journey will get you to the Eugene T. Mahoney State Park, where camping, fishing, and sporting activities are available by the bucket-load. This is exactly the place to start any independent safari trips, and treating the state park as a base camp can make for a great family vacation, especially given the facilities it affords for children and adults alike. Another nearby attraction is the Air and Space Museum. This is often considered one of Nebraska’s top museums, alongside the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, and the Museum of the Fur Trade.

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