Nebraska Zoos

While there are only a handful of Nebraska zoos, those that are situated here prove to be some of the best the country as a whole has to offer. The foremost zoo in Nebraska is undoubtedly the Henry Doorly Zoo, which is to be found in the city of Omaha. An outstanding purpose built site, it’s the happy home to a stunning array of wildlife from across the globe.

The Henry Doorly Zoo is famed for its record-breaking characteristics. You’ll find the world’s largest manmade jungle here, which is home to leopards, pygmy hippopotamuses, monkeys, and an ever-revolving selection of tourists standing agape at the wonders in front of their eyes! This zoo in Nebraska also boasts the Kingdoms of the Night exhibition, which is believed to be the world’s largest nocturnal zoo exhibition (bigger even than the acclaimed Night Safari in Singapore). The zoo has not just been made for the amazement of visitors, however, as conservation projects here rightly come at the top of the zoo’s priority list. Educational programs offer an excellent insight into what goes on behind the scenes here.

The Lincoln Children’s Zoo is another one of the Nebraska zoos worth visiting. Much smaller than the Henry Doorly, it nonetheless offers a fun family day out, with nineteen acres of landscaped zoo featuring such attractions as train and pony rides, as well as the animals themselves, of course. This zoo is situated right in the heart of Lincoln, which means you can take in the other Nebraska attractions during the same trip. Examples of these include the State Capitol Building, and various events, which are held throughout the year.

The Lee G Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari is the perfect trip for people who like to view animals in their natural environment. A short car ride from the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha Nebraska, it offers visitors the chance to drive along a four-mile safari, which takes in such indigenous animals as elk, antelope, waterfowl, white-tailed deer, and bison. As with the Henry Doorly Zoo, conservation is high on the agenda here, with half of the park taken up by specific projects aimed at aiding the plight of endangered animals.

This open-air zoo in Nebraska also offers much more than a straightforward drive-thru for visitors. Those who have the time and inclination, hiking trips are organized regularly, with different levels available depending on your fitness and ability. Overnight camping is also available, providing a truly authentic safari experience. Apart from sleeping out under the stars (or under a tent under the stars, at least), these overnight camps also include authentic cookouts, and ongoing conservation classes.

When considering a trip to the Lee G Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari, it’s best to check opening times, as it closes for the colder parts of the year. Seasonality is a recurring theme when dealing with Nebraska attractions, and consequently it’s important to consider when to go before jumping in car rentals and heading off for the sites. As a rule of thumb, places like water parks and Nebraska zoos may close during the icy winter, whereas activities such as outdoors ice-skating and cross country skiing won’t be available during summer.

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