Reno Circus Circus Casino

A trip to Reno is not complete without engaging in some exciting gaming activities, and the epicenter of it all is at Circus Circus Hotel Reno Nevada, which boasts one of the best casinos in the area. Circus Circus Hotel Reno, a landmark among Reno hotels and casinos, comes complete with an expansive 65,000 square foot gaming floor with enough options to keep you playing for days on end - provided you don't bet it all on one hand.

When people think of Circus Circus, Reno they often think immediately of all the whimsical fun, acrobatics, and excitement of the Circus atmosphere here. While this is a major draw for all ages, Circus Circus, Reno is also becoming synonymous with excellence in gaming. Here you'll find a few reasons why, and the games you can be sure to enjoy during your visit to Circus Circus Hotel Reno Nevada.

First, the favorite of many recreation gamblers: the slots. Ranging from penny slots to five-dollar machines, you are sure to find your old favorites as well as the cutting edge of new slots offered by Circus Circus Hotel Reno. With casino promotions including daily slot tournaments in addition to larger slot events, pull that handle back and enjoy the machines.

Table games are also a Nevada favorite, and Circus Circus Hotel Reno Nevada is no stranger to craps, roulette, Dragon Pai Gow Poker, or three and four card poker. A classic Nevada gaming experience is to get on one of the craps tables in your best evening attire and let the excitement begin. Another of the many things to do here is play good old-fashioned blackjack. Blackjack is a classic that is played and paid in the classic style at Circus Circus; 3:2 payment on two card blackjacks.

Circus Circus Hotel Reno is also ahead of the curve on the widespread upswing in poker popularity. With a recently renovated Poker Room, the wildly popular favorite No Limit Texas Hold 'Em can be enjoyed in style. Practice at a free website or with your friends at home, because when you get to the Circus Circus Poker Room, you've come to the big leagues of Texas Hold 'Em. The Poker Room even offers a Bad Beat Jackpot for when you have a really good hand, but lose to a better hand. Where else can you lose, and still win, but Circus Circus Hotel Reno?

If sports betting is your cup of tea, then sit back and watch the NFL or horse racing via satellite and enjoy an excellently crafted cocktail from the Carousel Bar. Big bets are welcome here, but don't use emotions and root for the home team when laying down a lot on a sporting event. Do your research and make a wise decision, then enjoy the excitement on 50 flat screen televisions.

In addition to the well-managed standards offered by Circus Circus Hotel Reno Nevada, be sure to check what special giveaways may be going on during your stay. A new SUV or $250,000 in cash (paid on site!) might be the perfect addition to your Nevada casino getaway. If you'll be visiting the Circus Circus casino frequently, join the One Club to earn nice rewards and prizes.

If all that gaming makes you hungry, a world of culinary options awaits. Whether an upscale steak house, delicious sushi, authentic pizza, or café comfort-food will appease your cravings, Circus Circus, Reno has a restaurant for you to enjoy before heading back to the tables.

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