808 Las Vegas

808 Las Vegas is closed. Check out our list of Las Vegas restaurants.

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas seems to have it all. Guests who book their Las Vegas accommodations at Caesars will have all they could ever want within reach. You can try your luck at the 129,000 plus square-foot Caesars gaming room, take in a live show, pamper yourself at the Qua Baths and Spa, or head out to one of the Las Vegas golf courses where hotel guests have privileges. Spend some down time shopping at the wealth of stores you will find at Caesars or take time out to enjoy a dining experience that you are sure to remember. While Caesars Palace has sufficient choices for casual dining options, it is the fine dining here that deserves some exploration when deciding on Las Vegas restaurants. If seafood is what you are in the mood for, then you can hardly go wrong at the Caesars 808 restaurant. At the 808 restaurant, Hawaiian fusion cuisine makes up the heart of the menu, but if you just want a steak done right, then you can have that too. While a bit pricy as far as Las Vegas restaurants go, the quality will make you feel like it was certainly worth it.

At the 808 Las Vegas, you feel almost as if you've skipped out of Nevada for a bit to experience a piece of Hawaii. While not as relaxed as the atmosphere you will find on the Hawaiian Islands, you can savor the rich tastes at the 808 restaurant that you might not find close to home, save perhaps unless you live in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Chicago, where restaurants abound. At the 808 restaurant Las Vegas, the acclaimed chef, Jean-Marie Josselin, introduces Hawaiian-inspired dishes that also feature hints of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian and European influences. While the seafood appetizers and main courses will more than meet most expectations, you can opt to try the veal, chicken, lamb or beef entrees if you are allergic to shellfish or are not in the mood for seafood. If you want to keep your 808 Vegas bill on the low side, you might opt to order an appetizer and share a dish with a friend or with your significant other. The appetizer of choice at the 808 restaurant Las Vegas is the signature Deconstructed Ahi, which is likely to have you considering an extra order to take back to the room. Aside from the quality of the fresh fish dishes here, you can also explore the lobster, which is sublime, to say the least.

If you are considering eating at the Caesars 808 restaurant when choosing Las Vegas restaurants you will likely want to make reservations for dinner. Open daily from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., the restaurant can get quite busy. This is especially true after 7 p.m., when you can expect to find the place full. While the service is top-notch at the 808 Las Vegas, you might find that if it's exceptionally busy, you might just order yourself a nice, strong drink and let your cares drift away. If your waiter is tied up between tables, you will find the perfect chance to reminisce about the exciting day you had, and discuss what lies ahead of you for tomorrow. Certainly, the decor of the 808 Las Vegas restaurant should help to relax you. The restaurant is named for the area code for the Hawaiian Islands, and you get the impression upon walking in the door that you have just stepped into a nice restaurant in Maui. Soft, muted colors offer a nice alternative to the noisy lights along the Las Vegas strip, but you can choose one of the 10 counter seats at the exhibition kitchen if you are up for some excitement. Chefs-in-training might learn something from a menu that comes from the imagination of a head chef who was both born and raised in France.

Just remember to save some room for desert when you come to the 808 restaurant Las Vegas, because the decadent desert menu has an array of sumptuous selections, such as the chocolate and macadamia nut crunch bars that are served with lemon grass ice cream. Chances are you haven't tried that yet. If you can't get reservations at the 808 Las Vegas, you might consider exploring the menu at the Caesars Guy Savoy restaurant, which is one of the more notable upscale Las Vegas restaurants. Bon appétite!

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