Adventure Canyon

Adventure Canyon, an interactive log ride, is one of the most popular things to do at Buffalo Bill’s Casino. The family attractions are what make this establishment so attractive, and it’s a great place to stay if you’re looking for things to do with kids during your trip. Operating hours for the Las Vegas Adventure Canyon vary from day to day, but it is open seven days a week. While the Adventure Canyon at Buffalo Bill’s is one of the most well-liked rides at the casino in Primm, there are several other rides and attractions that visitors can enjoy, including Desperado, the Turbo Drop, and the Maxflight Cyber Coaster. Las Vegas visitors who appreciate theme parks and family entertainment will enjoy taking a day trip out to Primm to take advantage of the amusements offered at Buffalo Bill’s Casino.

Located just south of Vegas, Primm offers its own wide selection of casinos and entertainment, and Adventure Canyon at Buffalo Bill’s attracts many visitors for the interactive log flume experience. On this unique ride, passengers are armed with toy pistols before the ride begins in preparation for the desperados, miners, and outlaws they’ll encounter who will, no doubt, shoot back. Targets are illuminated throughout the various displays of Adventure Canyon, and guests often find the most entertainment in competition with fellow riders in eliminating the most targets. Near the end of the ride, the heart lurches as the log tips over the edge into a 35-foot drop, but don’t be too hasty to holster those pistols, the Wild West continues at the bottom of the flume followed by a final marksmanship determining target.

Depending on which day you plan to visit Adventure Canyon, you can take the ride at varying hours. The Las Vegas Adventure Canyon is open Monday through Thursday from noon to 8 pm, Friday and Saturday from 10 am to midnight, and Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm. Admission is a flat rate for all riders, but when bringing the kids, keep in mind that they must be at least 46 inches tall to participate. If you’re looking to spend the day down at Buffalo Bill’s, there are wristbands available that offer unlimited rides. In addition, the Little Wrangler wristband is offered at a discounted rate for children 48 inches and below, as they will be unable to ride some of the rides due to the height restrictions.

Other rides and attractions that accompany Adventure Canyon at Buffalo Bill’s include The Desperado, which is both one of the tallest and the fastest roller coasters in North America; Attraction Zone Arcade, where visitors can enjoy a number of arcade games and small rides; Turbo Drop, which drops 170 feet at 45 mph; The Vault A 3-D Experience, which includes eight different 3-D rides including a carpet ride and a mine shaft ride; Maxflight Cyber Coaster, a virtual coaster offering coaster rides from around the world; Frog Hopper, a free-fall thrill ride for the youngsters; and the Carolee Theatre, an cozy old-fashioned theater featuring modern movies.

Whether you plan to visit Buffalo Bill’s for the Las Vegas Adventure Canyon or the variety of other rides, taking the time to visit Primm is certainly worthwhile to enjoy a wealth of family entertainment. There are other resorts, hotels, and shopping outlets available in this small community, which make it the perfect place to spend a day—or a few.

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