Las Vegas Airport Hotels

Las Vegas Airport Hotels
Las Vegas Airport Hotels

Las Vegas airport hotels can be found at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Boulevard, the corner homes of the Tropicana, Excalibur, MGM Grand and New York New York - is a little less than three miles from McCarran airport. A $7 cab ride from the terminal and you are ready for the Vegas strip. But sometimes necessity dictates that we have to stick nearby the airport - and there are plenty of hotels near Las Vegas airports to accommodate you.

Vegas Airport Hotels Cheap
Vegas Airport Hotels Cheap

Las Vegas airport hotels, on average, are generic and mediocre affairs, far removed from the luxury and style of the strip. But they are by no means bad - simply utilitarian, set up perfectly for the budget traveler who wants to save money on their Vegas trip or for those folks who want to avoid the crowds of the strip altogether. And if you want airport hotels, Las Vegas will assist you better than most cities.

Few of these Las Vegas airport hotels show off the glits and glamour making its own unique style but many chain hotels are there to provide lodging in this area. Thus, judging by the hotels near Las Vegas airport, you could really be anywhere in the continental United States - this is Sin City stripped of any nuance or character, the furthest thing from the strip as possible, unless you count the odd slot machine sometimes located in the lobby downstairs.

As far as Las Vegas airport hotels, your best bet is with one of the chain companies. La Quinta, Howard Johnson, Doubletree - these standbys will provide exactly what you would expect. Simple rooms at simple prices in a simple part of town. The Amerisuites is another decent option. Equipped with everything you'd expect in a budget hotel, it's more luxurious than many motels that populate the northern end of the strip or those in downtown Vegas, but without having to fight the traffic headaches of the alternatives.

If you're budget isn't exactly enough for a high roller suite on the strip, there's always the Hawthorn Suites. This is a good option for those not looking to stay at a hotel with a casino and be close to the airport.

Those eager to stay away from the strip would be better served with some of the off-strip hotels, if gambling is a necessity. Otherwise Las Vegas airport hotels are perfectly sufficient if you have no interest in exploring the city's more well-loved areas.

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