Aria Las Vegas Spa

The Aria Las Vegas spa is an ideal retreat to escape to when you just need a break from it all. In addition to treating yourself to an array of massage therapies during your visit to this desert oasis, you can also indulge in international skin care treatments. That's not all that you can enjoy during your visit to the spa at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, however. This 80,000-square-foot sanctuary offers just about every spa treatment imaginable, and its facilities are vast. Natural healing is at the core of things at the spa at Aria Las Vegas, and when you're not indulging in treatments, you can relax and socialize at the spa's co-ed balcony. The Aria Spa was the first Las Vegas spa to feature a co-ed balcony, which is just one of the things that helps to distinguish it.

Aria Las Vegas Spa
Aria Las Vegas Spa

In addition to treating yourself to massages and skin care treatments during your visit to the spa at Aria Las Vegas, you can also take some time out to relax in a eucalyptus steam room, stretch out on a heated-stone ganbanyoku bed, or inhale the fresh air in the infused salt room. Should you be up for a brisk workout during your visit, the spa features an advanced fitness center, various fitness rooms, and exercise studios that are designed for small groups. This place has it all, from separate men's and women's spa areas to the unique co-ed balcony, and it's a place that you'll likely linger at for hours on end.

While you're relaxing on the co-ed balcony at the Aria Las Vegas spa, you might take some time out to enjoy the therapy pool. You might also dedicate some time to taking in the hotel's spectacular poolscape, which can be viewed from the balcony. The spa at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas is one of the best spas in town, so if you're thinking of pampering yourself during your next Vegas getaway, then a visit might be in order. You can always stay in one of the slick Aria rooms or suites if you want to stay close to this lavish spa while in town.

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