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If you're looking to take a Las Vegas vacation, it's well worth researching Vegas hotel promotions for luxurious accommodations options, to ensure that you have the best getaway possible, whether you're interested in staying off the Strip or at the most luxurious hotels. Bellagio Las Vegas is synonymous with luxury and romance. The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is a lover's paradise, and unless you have a large budget for your Las Vegas vacation, you are probably looking for Bellagio Hotel promotions to help save money for your honeymoon or other romantic getaway. Luckily, there are plenty of Bellagio coupons and promotion packages available, and there also are ongoing online Bellagio promotion codes for booking your room at a special rate.

As you approach the Bellagio, you will be greeted by the gorgeous fountain display, which features a spectacular musical show every half hour in the afternoon starting at 3 p. m. on weekdays and noon on weekends and holidays. At 8 p.m., the shows occur every fifteen minutes until midnight. Visitors gather at the edge of the waters to view this spectacular show of lights, opera and classical music, and fountains. Everyone who visits Las Vegas should see this gorgeous water ballet reflected in the eight-acre lake. There are Bellagio Hotel promotions available for romantic getaway rooms facing the lake, where you can watch the dazzling spectacle over and over from the privacy and comfort of your own room.

Upon entering the Bellagio, you can indulge yourself with some shopping at the Bellagio mall. Occasionally, the hotel offers Bellagio coupons for several shops within the complex. Even if you don't stay at this hotel, be sure to look for Bellagio discounts online and at the casino while playing the slots—there are often shopping promotions for guests.

Bellagio nightlife is certainly something to experience. Whether you enjoy an evening filled with music and dance at the Fontana Bar, a late afternoon cocktail at the pool bar, or an upscale evening at the Bellagio's nightclub, The Bank, you are sure to be transported to another world at these Bellagio entertainment venues. Occassionally, Bellagio coupons are available for these evening hot spots, though they are not as common as some of the other promotions.

The Bellagio has seasonal shows for which they offer promotions for guests and visitors to the hotel. O, Bellagio's signature show by Cirque du Soleil, is included in a Bellagio promotions package. Watch in wonder as this talented group of artists amazes you with acrobatics in this show in, on, and above water. While researching your stay, be sure to check for current Bellagio Hotel promotions for this and other special events and shows.

Before booking your accommodations in Las Vegas, it is wise to do some research on current promotions. You will find several Bellagio promotion codes among those of other hotels in Las Vegas. Bellagio offers a few packages for their guests, including entertainment, dinner, along with special rates for your accommodations. Bellagio promotion codes can only be used for special offers and discounts when you reserve your room online.

As one of the most romantic spots in Vegas, even the name Bellagio suggests romance to visitors. Even if you don't plan to stay at the Bellagio, the spectacular dancing fountains will take your breath away and deserve a high place on your list of things to do in Las Vegas. Be sure to check out some of the other popular hotels on the strip, including MGM Grand and another Vegas hot spot—the Mirage.

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