Best Las Vegas Clubs

Sin City, Entertainment Capital of the World, Lost Wages—call it what you will, but Las Vegas is simply one of the best destinations for an awesome night out in the United States. The Las Vegas Strip is lined with colossal hotel casinos, nearly all of which have created top Vegas clubs and bars to suit every wish, every hope, and every fantasy that comes through this glittering city. Whether you seek a tame night filled with cool lounge music and classy cocktails, a raunchy loud joint with girls dancing on the bar and a beer in your hand, or a pulsating dance club complete with lasers, cage dancers, or a sound system that will blast the clothes right off your body, you can find it in Vegas.

Best Vegas Clubs
Best Vegas Clubs

Club hopping is best when you don't have to walk too far with the rest of the crowds. For best results, choose a clump of connected hotels (many feature skyways or indoor walkways) or at least hotels near each other. A nice sampling of the best Las Vegas clubs are located in the middle of the Strip at the Bellagio (Bank), Paris (Risque), Planet Hollywood (Asia). The best clubs in Las Vegas can also be found in another clump—Mandalay Bay (Foundation Room or Eye Candy), Luxor (LAX), Excalibur, New York New York (Coyote Ugly), and MGM Grand (Tabu).

The best Las Vegas clubs are always changing. What might have been the sexiest place in town two minutes ago could well be a big, empty room when you show up. If you're concerned about being at the hub of the trends, never be shy to ask a casino employee, either at your own hotel or one that speaks to your idea of the ideal night out, where to go to find the best Las Vegas clubs.

That being said, here are some tips. Generally, the classier the hotel, the better the clubs within. For instance, you will not find the top Vegas clubs at Circus Circus. Instead, turn to a place like MGM Grand or Mandalay Bay. Bars and lounges are located just about everywhere, from walk-up bars in the middle of casinos to enclosed spaces like Coyote Ugly. If you want casual and fun, these are your top Vegas clubs. Typically, these spots are easy to find and do not have a long line—just go in, order your drink, and enjoy.

The best Las Vegas night clubs are another story. These are where celebrities sometimes show up, where you can dance the night away, and where how you're dressed actually matters. Las Vegas is famously casual. You can go to a world-class show or restaurant in your pajamas if you want, but don't expect to get into the best Las Vegas night clubs this way. Most have dress codes so toss your jeans and tennis shoes in the corner. The best Las Vegas night clubs are often prone to lines, especially Friday and Saturday night. If lines are not your thing, show up early, right when the club opens, and hang out until the party really starts. Or if you've got a little extra cash, make yourself a VIP. That's right—a VIP. All it takes is a call to the VIP host, which is usually available on the club's website (go to the hotel's site and click on nightlife or the like) or ask your hotel to help you find a VIP host company for package deals. Cost ranges, but if you want a little extra polish on your evening, this is the way to go. VIP status lets you bypass the line no matter what time you show up and often reserves you a table or spot within the nightclub.

A great time in Las Vegas is not hard to find. Choose your destiny and then set out to find it.

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