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As of January 31, Bette Midler has finished her run at the Caesar’s Palace Colosseum in Las Vegas. For another entertaining Las Vegas show, you might consider seeing the Viva Elvis show, The Beatles LOVE, or Cher, or you can see our complete list of Las Vegas shows.

Show Type:

The Colosseum
Caesars Palace Las Vegas
3570 S. Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description:

The procession of stars that make the desert oasis home continues. The newest addition to the musical superstars in Las Vegas shows is Bette Midler. One of the most celebrated singers of the past thirty years, the Las Vegas Bette Midler show will be filling the hole left by Celine Dion's departure at the end of 2007. She will be trading on and off with Elton John, as Caesar Palace shows continue to be some of the hottest tickets in the city.

And much like her counterpart, Elton John, Bette Milder in concert has long been famous for outrageous antics and over the top performances, so it's only fitting that they will be sharing the bill at the forefront of Caesar Palace shows. Bette Midler Las Vegas will be much like recent Bette Midler concerts, with show stopping numbers, complete with backing band and Midler's semi-famous backup singers, the Harlettes. Her musicians and dancers have often used Bette Midler concerts as the first step on the stairway to fame - in fact, she will be competing with her former piano player, Barry Manilow, for Las Vegas tourist dollars.

Since gaining fame in the early 70s, Bette Midler tickets have always been announced to great anticipation. And her new home will be no different, though the greater production values and significant theater will run them upwards of $100.

But Bette Midler concerts have never disappointed, and the Las Vegas Bette Midler shows will be no different. Beginning in February 2008, you too can see what Midler can bring to Sin City. Consequent press releases have promised 'plenty of girls, gags and guffaws, her incomparable humor, the best song catalogue in American music and her fabulous 'Kiss My Brass' section.'

Anyone who has attended Bette Midler concerts in the past will find her new digs at Caesars Palace to be a perfect setting for her untamed performances. Bette Midler Las Vegas shows will run five nights a week - excluding Mondays and Thursdays - at 7:30 pm. Be sure to check out the Caesars Palace seating chart prior to purchasing your tickets.

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Artist Biography:

Bette Midler has been no stranger to giant stages - she made her Broadway debut in the original production of "Fiddler on the Roof." She went on to further popularity in the city in the 70s, as she gained recognition for touring many of New York's bathhouses, earning her a strong fan base with the burgeoning gay community of the time. She continues to win over new fans each year, and Bette Midler Las Vegas will only add to her significant popularity.

Winner of a special Tony Award in 1974, Midler's heart is clearly in New York - her Broadway shows and special concerts have generated millions of dollars - but Vegas has long been famous for appropriating other city's reference points, so she should have no problem adding herself to the famed list of performers in Caesars Palace shows.

Not only a talented singer, Midler has made her way into cinematic history, as her resume includes Oscar nominations for her performances in 'For the Boys' and 'The Rose'. "Wind Beneath My Wings" brought her the 1989 Grammy Awards for Record of the Year, her third such award. The list also includes 1980's Best Pop Vocal Performance Female - for 'The Rose" - and 1973's Best New Artist. Many of the songs found in Bette Midler movies are featured in the Bette Midler in Las Vegas show.

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