Bite Show

Show Type:
Production Show

Theater of the Stars
Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower
2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89104

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Show Description:

Bite show is a sexy Las Vegas revue combining topless dancing vampires and classic rock ‘n roll hits. It was originally and appropriately launched in August of 2004 on Friday the 13th and has since enjoyed enormous success, and offers a twist on the classic topless shows such as Crazy Horse Paris and Peep Show at Planet Hollywood. Bite at Stratosphere presents elements of vampire magic and superhuman conquests through dancing, singing, and martial arts. The racy Las Vegas adult show is pure Las Vegas entertainment with the added benefit of great music from a wide variety of bands for classic rock fans.

Bite at Stratosphere is about one vampire lord’s quest to find the ideal vampire queen. The story follows the quest of Lord Vampire as he searches for the perfect queen. He goes through a seduction ritual during his quest, aided by the coven. The Erotic Rock Angels help the Lord throughout the Bite show in both finding and seducing his love mate. This is told through a series of erotic dance moves and acrobatics. The story of love lost, vampire temptation, and eventually redemption is relayed as vampires dance, and even perform feats of flying over the stage and appearing and disappearing before the audience.

This gothic tale of love is told through classic rock and extremely high-energy, professional dancing. Choreographers also incorporated ballet and gymnastics into the numbers. Audience members are randomly drawn into the Las Vegas adult show as the Vampire Lord commands his coven to seek out his queen. This Las Vegas adult show is action-packed with plenty to watch during the entire performance. Extreme sensuality and toplessness are large factors throughout the show.

Bite at Stratosphere is a one-of-a-kind revue unlike most traditional Las Vegas shows. It takes place every night at 10:30 p.m., except Thursdays, at the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino, just up the street from the Riviera and Circus Circus, which is slightly beyond Sahara Avenue. The hotel is well-known for its towering observation deck, offering great views of Vegas from above, which is a popular spot to visit before or after the show.

Artist Biography:

The Bite show stars Russell Hines and Jessica Delgado, Lord Vampire and Queen of the Night, respectively. Both have been professional dancers for more than a decade. There are ten women comprising the Erotic Rock Angels. They include such characters as Silk Vamp, Ice Vamp, Cat Vamp, Shimmy Vamp, Fire Vamp, and Tush Vamp. Kim Langstaff is Pain Vamp as well as the team’s dance captain and Cees De Kok is both Flying Couple and the company manager. Cathy Perquin is the costumer and dances with Cees as the Flying Couple. Finally, Mark Giovi is the Rock Star in Bite Las Vegas adult show.

The dancers are not ordinary Las Vegas dancers either, they are professionally trained with long-standing careers in Las Vegas and beyond, each hand-selected by the creator/producer Tim Molyneux, who’s goal was to create and produce an exciting Las Vegas show no one had ever before attempted. Show-goers will hear plenty of recognizable classic rock tunes from bands like Guns N Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, Def Leppard, and AC/DC.

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