Boulder Station

Boulder Station Casino is not in the heart of Vegas, no matter what the public relations department has to say. One of the many far-flung Station casinos (also including the more popular Sunset Station and the better located Santa Fe Station) in town, Boulder Station has become well known as the foremost stomping grounds for locals. Much in the same working class vein of Sam's Town, Boulder Station is also known for its no-frills attitude and décor, its cheap buffets and undervalued rooms. Of course, when you venture this far from the strip or downtown, the low prices are the biggest selling point. Though Boulder Station is comfortable enough, likable enough — it's a bit bland, even by Vegas standards.

Boulder Station Casino
Boulder Station Casino

Of the many off strip Las Vegas casinos, Boulder Station has historically had one of the hardest times enticing guests, which is why it has made its name as the foremost local hangout. You won't find the same people you would at the Monte Carlo or Caesar's Palace or even the Gold Coast. Retirees and working class joes congregate here nightly, along with a small cadre of out-of-towners looking for an inexpensive place to lay their heads.

The rooms are clean, medium sized and not without their charm — but anyone looking for a glitzy whirlwind of a Vegas vacation will be sorely disappointed at the Boulder Station Casino. In fact, there is very little within the hotel that even signifies that you are in the gambling capital of the world — if not for the constant jangling of slot machines and hustling waitresses, you could be at pretty much any casino in the country.

But being rough around the edges is a trademark of many off strip Las Vegas casinos — and it's not like you're that far removed from the action. Just over four miles from the Stratosphere on the north end of the Strip, it's simple to get to by rental car or taxi, if you don't have your own vehicle. Just because it is mainly a casino for locals doesn't mean that the Boulder Station Casino should be overlooked as a decent value for exploring the sights of Las Vegas. Even if its interior has nothing more than the utilitarian to offer, if you consider the majority of the off strip Las Vegas casinos, the allure of the Boulder Station grows, as it is one of the closest to the main section of the city. Plus, it doesn't put on the airs that many of its neighbors do — it doesn't try to be the flashiest, or the most exciting, or the most family-friendly, or whatever niche markets other hotels try to target. The Boulder Station Casino is the Vegas equivalent of "what you see is what you get", and for many it's a refreshing change. And if you ever get restless and want to return to the city you see in the movies or on the postcards, the Las Vegas strip is just seconds away.

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