Caesars Forum Shops

Caesars Forum Shops
Caesars Forum Shops

More than just a collection of upscale boutiques — the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace are a tourist attraction all by themselves. Excess is the name of the game in a city as gleefully and unapologetically superficial as Las Vegas, and few places offer such a wide range of places to blow your winnings as the numerous stores found amidst a Caesars Palace shopping spree. There is just about every style of clothing imaginable available here— from large retail chains you'd find in any mall to the highly specialized luxury boutiques that make browsing along the Caesars Forum shops one of the main tourist draws along the Las Vegas strip.

But this no ordinary string of shops — that would be unremarkable for a city with the reputation Vegas has. The hallways seem to stretch out forever, an interminable display of the over-arcing draw of consumerism. Caesars Forum shops are spread out beneath a high vaulted ceiling painted to appear like the sky. A nice enough effect which is further augmented by the lighting — it is designed to condense the sky's changes throughout an entire day into a mere hour. The streets (such as they are) are lined with replicas of Roman architecture — from prancing fawns to giant Roman Gods in the numerous fountains you'll find amongst the forum shops at Caesars. A few of the statues even talk and move around. It helps that the forum shops cater to the high-class and high-rollers that make their way to Vegas — being so close to top flight hotels such as The Bellagio or The Mirage certainly doesn't hurt the businesses found in Caesars Las Vegas.

But before hotels like The Mirage or The Venetian even existed, the Caesars Palace Forum Shops were wildly popular. The entire indoor complex is thousands upon thousands of square feet and was built so long ago that Caesars Palace shopping was one of the first main tourist draws in the entire city. But even that wasn't enough - a smaller, more ornately designed wing has recently been added. Now plenty of upscale clothing stones (and those that wish to resemble them) line the famed floors of the mall — you can the highest of fashion here, from Gucci to Versace, Armani to Dolce and Gabbana. At over 160 total boutiques, there is more than enough for man or woman, rich or not-so-rich. The Forum shops at Caesars are also well known for their vast selection of premium footwear. High class shoes are just a stone's throw away from anywhere in the shopping complex.

For those that prefer not to spend more on pants for a night out than they did for their plane ticket, browsing the Caesars Palace Forum shops is still a nice enough way to spend a few hours. Window shopping is hard work, though, so there are also plenty of places to stop and grab something to eat too. From specialty eateries to full out restaurants, this is one of the top place to stop and people watch to witness a microcosm of all the different types of people that have been lured by glow of the millions of lights in Las Vegas.

Top image: jdnx (flickr)
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