Caesars Palace Lobby

When it comes to luxury hotels in Las Vegas, the lobbies are among the most striking of any hotel in the country—the first impression is definitely important. In the Caesars Palace lobby, visitors can expect a grand entrance to the hotel that is truly fit for a king. Shining marble floors, striking red lanterns, and plenty of golden light all make this lobby one to remember along the Las Vegas Strip.

In the Caesars Palace Las Vegas lobby, guests feel like they are checking into a classic palace, with the same ancient Roman vibe you’ll find around the property. While other hotel lobbies on the Strip have been criticized as cheesy, no one can place this accusation on the soft marble tones and elegant furnishings of the lobby at Caesars Palace. When you approach the hotel, the first thing you will be greeted by is a statue of the Roman goddess of love surrounded by fountains.

In true Las Vegas style, the Caesars Palace lobby is much larger than necessary. This oversized space is complete with a few decorative touches, including a statue of three goddesses and a fountain. This sculpture is often decorated with different flowers according to the season. The theme of Rome continues on the domed ceiling, which depicts images common to the ancient city.

As you might expect, the front desk is the main feature of the Caesars Palace lobby, but rather than stand out, it blends with the décor beautifully. Here the images of ancient Rome continue, including chariots, horses, and gods. The golden light that is so notable about this lobby was designed with the rising and setting sun in mind, which Rome is famous for. The result of all this décor is a classy lobby that many guests return to time and time again during trips to Las Vegas.

Image: http2007 (flickr)

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