Cheap Flight to Las Vegas

Las Vegas first became popular in the 19th century when it was a fashionable stop along the brand new railroad route. While a cheap flight to Las Vegas is easier to come by these days then a train ride, Las Vegas has remained one of the most sought after destinations in North America. Most major airlines make trips to Las Vegas and you will usually find a cheap flight to Las Vegas through mainstream carriers; though smaller carriers will sometimes offer promotions for a cheap flight to Las Vegas.

Many promotions for a cheap flight to Vegas will occur during the summer months. June and July tend to be the slow season, followed closely by the week before Christmas and the week just after New Year's. Small and large airlines alike almost always offer specials on a cheap flight to Vegas during these months. Travelers should note that June and July tend to be the hottest months of the year in Las Vegas, while travel during the winter can actually be quite cold. Additionally, many hotel pools will be closed during the winter.

If, like most travelers, you are hoping to take your Vegas vacation during the busy season (fall and spring), you may find a cheap flight to Vegas by buying your tickets well in advance. Becoming familiar with typical flight prices to Las Vegas from your home area will help you develop a sharp eye for spotting a deal. Airlines will frequently run specials throughout the year to popular destinations.

Another way to find cheap airfare to Las Vegas is by booking a last minute trip. Although it is sometimes hard to decide whether to take advantage of long-term planning or to wait for a last minute promotion, many airlines do offer cheap airfare to Las Vegas at the last minute. Generally, these promotions are meant to book flights that have not yet filled up, and rates are often drastically discounted. Major airlines will post these specials directly on their website and they should not be difficult to locate. For brave travelers who want to risk a flood of airline emails, you can also add your email address to your favorite airline's promotional mailing list and receive information about cheap airfare to Las Vegas and other cities directly to your email account.

There are also a number of airlines offering cheap Las Vegas airfare on a fairly regular basis. Budget airlines such as Jetblue or Southwest have made a name for themselves by offering cheap Las Vegas airfare and inexpensive flights to many major cities. Keep in mind that many budget airlines do not offer first class, assigned seating, or meals on board, but if cheap Las Vegas airfare is your priority they can be the perfect way to travel.

Whether you are coming from a major city like San Francisco or New York, or making your way from somewhere more obscure, there are some great deals on airfare available. Chicago, Phoenix, and Dallas all offer great deals on flights throughout the year, and patrons of the surrounding suburbs will usually find the best prices when flying from the larger city. The Las Vegas airport welcomes thousands of vacationers each year, and your trip to Sin City is bound to be enjoyable no matter how you choose to get there.

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