Cheap Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas is a great place for couples who want to have an affordable but special wedding. Cheap Vegas weddings are found at all kinds of locations, from hotel chapels to drive thru windows, so with a little research you are sure to find Las Vegas wedding deals to suit your tastes.

If your heart is set on finding Las Vegas wedding deals at a hotel chapel, you will simply need to focus your attention on the less expensive packages. Major hotels on the Strip such as the Paris Hotel, Caesars, the Bellagio, the Flamingo, and the Wynn Resort offer a wide array of packages for varying budgets, and even the most basic packages will offer a wonderful, memorable experience.

Often, basic hotel packages will include an officiant to perform the ceremony, a photographer to snap memorable posed and candid shots, traditional wedding music, a bouquet for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom, and even a champagne toast. Once you start adding more extras, the price of cheap Vegas weddings will start to climb.

There are many ways to have a cheap wedding in Las Vegas without using a hotel chapel too. For example, for less that $200, the famous Little Chapel of the Flowers offers an Intimate Ceremony package, which accommodates up to five guests, Monday through Saturday in the morning and early afternoon. This package includes a personal wedding coordinator, a candle-lighting ceremony, traditional wedding music, a rose for the bride and a rose boutonniere for the groom, candid photos taken during the ceremony, and live internet broadcasting. Note however, that the minister donation and photographer gratuity is not included this package.

Chapel of the Bells is another popular pick for a cheap wedding in Las Vegas. For less than $200, you'll get a candlelit chapel, traditional music, and transportation from your hotel to the courthouse to get your marriage license and then to the chapel. This package also includes the minister's fee. To save even more money, opt for Las Vegas wedding deals that let you bring your marriage license with you to the ceremony.

Even if you want Elvis involved in your wedding it can still be an affordable event. Consider the Graceland Wedding Chapel's most basic wedding package, the Viva Las Vegas package for $199, which includes use of the chapel, a rose for the bride and for the groom's boutonniere, Elvis walking the bride down the aisle and singing two songs, a copy of Elvis' marriage certificate, and a professional photographer.

The Hollywood Wedding Chapel is another popular pick for cheap Vegas weddings. It offers several packages under $200, and for an additional $100 on top of any package, Elvis will walk the bride down the aisle and sing three songs. The packages may include traditional wedding music, a rose bouquet, boutonnieres for both the groom and best man, a corsage for the maid of honor, 24 color photos, a video of the ceremony, a garter for the bride, champagne, limousine service, and a gold embossed holder for your marriage license.

Keep in mind that since Las Vegas is a popular place to tie the knot, it's best to book your cheap wedding in Las Vegas in advance, particularly in the busy summer months.

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