Chinese New Years Las Vegas

Chinatown Las Vegas
Chinatown Las Vegas

The Chinese New Years Las Vegas celebration is one of the most vibrant celebrations of its kind in the United States. A mix of performances, exhibits, feasts, and other events, it certainly honors the Lunar New Year in a big way. Several Vegas casino-resorts even get in on the action, and revelers certainly won’t want to miss the action in the city’s Chinatown area. More of a commercial area than a historically ethnic enclave, the Las Vegas Chinatown area boasts Asian restaurants and businesses and can be found west of the Vegas Strip along Spring Mountain Road. Add in all the action in the downtown district, and it is little wonder that Las Vegas is fast-becoming one of the most popular places in the world to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year in the Desert Events

Many of the Chinese New Years Las Vegas celebrations are held in the city’s downtown district. These celebrations generally take place over the course of three days and are associated with what is collectively known as the Chinese New Year in the Desert. Among the specific Chinese New Year in the Desert events are colorful cultural performances on the Third Street Stage, a dragon dance, a parade with floats, and a virtual fireworks display at Fremont Street Experience. For those who might not know, Fremont Street Experience is the downtown district’s pedestrian mall and main entertainment area. As any good festival should, the Chinese New Year in the Desert also features food vendors and a mix of other activities and events.

When Vegas visitors aren’t downtown enjoying all the various Chinese New Year in the Desert events, they can wander over to the city’s Chinatown area and hope to catch a dragon or lion dance. During the Lunar New Year season, the Chinatown area also plays host to such things as martial arts performances, arts and crafts displays, and Asian dance performances. It is also a great place to sample cuisine from around Asia.

Bellagio Conservatory Display

Bellagio Conservatory Display
Bellagio Conservatory Display  Image: Bellagio Las Vegas Facebook

The Bellagio is one of the Vegas casino-resorts that celebrates the Chinese New Year in grand style. In the resort’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens area, an annual floral display puts the focus on the Lunar New Year. Incorporated in the display are principles of the Asian design philosophy that is known as feng shui. Helping to convey the essence of the Lunar New Year and the fung shui philosophy are large red lanterns that are hung about and a picturesque waterfall. The Bellagio also celebrates the Chinese New Year with a dragon and lion dance and a pricy New Year dinner that revolves around Chinese cuisine. While the dragon and lion dance and the New Year dinner take place at specific times, the display in the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens area is an ongoing thing that can be enjoyed on different days.

Atrium Waterfall

Palazzo Chinese New Year
Palazzo Chinese New Year  Image: Palazzo Las Vegas Facebook

The waterfall atrium that connects The Venetian and Palazzo resorts is just one more example of a good place to go if you are looking to enjoy things that are associated with the Chinese New Years Las Vegas celebration. During the Lunar New Year season, this atrium is transformed into an Asian art gallery of sorts that features flowers, lanterns, and a variety of other interesting fixtures. As is true of the display at the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, this display is ongoing. Other Chinese New Year events that you can expect to enjoy at The Venetian and the Palazzo resorts include a dragon dance and a traditional Chinese fan dance. You might also partake in a celebration that revolves around the distribution of red envelopes, which is a major Chinese New Year tradition. Should you be interested in the other Las Vegas Chinese New Years events, examples include the dragon dance at Aria and the MGM Grand parade that features Cirque du Soleil dancers.

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