Chippendales Las Vegas

Show Type:
Adult Show

Chippendales Theater
Rio Las Vegas
3700 W. Flamingo Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89103

Show Description

Las Vegas Shows - Chippendales
Las Vegas Shows - Chippendales

It might be the showgirls that get all the press when it comes to Las Vegas adult shows, but the city is nothing if not equal opportunity. Though they were a little late to the game, coming around years after the original topless shows hit the strip, Chippendales Las Vegas is doing what it can to keep the women as entertained as the men in Sin City.

For quite some time, Chippendales has been synonymous with male strippers. Firemen, construction workers, military men – they're all here at the Las Vegas Chippendales show. But it's not all just stereotypical costumes; the men of the Las Vegas Chippendales show are talented dancers in their own right – just like the showgirls of Folies Bergere or Crazy Horse Paris, there is more going on here than just stripteases and naked flesh. The dances have been designed by a handful of Vegas' top choreographers, even if all of the performances end up exactly where'd you expect with a Las Vegas Chippendales show.

Outside of the naked man flesh, there are aerialists, provocative video displays, a medley of steamy songs and a couple of interactive numbers that get the crowd going. The emcee constantly encourages the audience to make noise – and why not? It's ladies night, after all.

If you can stand the constant screaming of the numerous bachelorette parties and the primal thumping of the bass, than Chippendales Las Vegas is for you. Unlike the female showgirl equivalent, the Rio's theater is relatively small, lending itself well to the Las Vegas Chippendales show as it makes for a strange intimacy during the proceedings.

It's called the 'Ultimate Girl's Night Out," and plays at the Rio every night but Wednesday at 8 pm, except for the weekends, where you can get a double shot with a later 10:30 show. Be sure to look in the schedule of Las Vegas shows.

Artist Biography

Springing to life in the early 1980s, Chippendales clubs quickly became the first name in male strip clubs, with their standard "uniform" becoming known throughout the country. First started by a club owner by the name of Somen Banjaree, the group rapidly ascended towards fame, and began touring the country. Soon it was a franchise, and it was not surprising that a group took up residence in Las Vegas. Now, the Las Vegas Chippendales gets the best and most successful male dancers on its stage, making for a night that you will remember for a long time after.

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