Las Vegas Balloon

The Cloud Nine Balloon Experience allows guests to enjoy a magical ride over the sparkling excitement of Las Vegas. While this is not a tour on a hot air balloon in Vegas, the world’s largest land-tethered helium balloon is one of the most popular Las Vegas balloon ride attractions, and with daily operating hours, it’s available no matter when you’re traveling. Because it is aboard a tethered balloon, you’ll see a little less of the city and its environs, as you would on a moving balloon tour, but the Cloud Nine balloon is significantly less expensive, ensuring that even budget travelers have a chance to try this incredible experience. As the balloon soars to a height of 500 feet, the thrill of overlooking one of the most exciting cities in the world is a delight and something you’ll always remember from your Vegas vacation.

Boasting one of the best views of Las Vegas, the Cloud Nine Balloon Experience is securely tethered in a strategic location on Las Vegas Boulevard South, just across from the Mandalay Bay Resort, as opposed to a free range hot air balloon in Vegas, and while this Las Vegas balloon ride is strictly stationary, the balloon is a pilotable craft, allowing for safe navigation and landing in the event of an emergency. The basket is design to accommodate between 25 and 30 guests, and private flights are offered for groups of up to 25. At the ride’s peak, Cloud Nine Balloon Experience guests will enjoy an unforgettable view of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding area.

With operating hours of 10 am to 10 pm on Sunday through Thursday, and 10 am to midnight on Friday and Saturday, visitors can see the spectacular view from this Las Vegas balloon day or night. There are admission discounts available for members of the military, local residents, and children ages 5 through 12; kids under 5 are admitted free. To avoid waiting in line for your flight, you can purchase a VIP Fast Pass as well. The Cloud Nine Balloon Experience also offers a family package, which includes two adult tickets and two children’s tickets as well as a flight certificate. Other packages include special events, VIP private parties, and weddings and celebrations; for package deals and reservations, guests must call and book their time in advance.

Rising up to a breathtaking height of 500 feet is quite a thrilling experience that everyone in the family can enjoy; however, some passengers also prefer the additional horizontal movement and tours of other areas that a hot air balloon in Vegas can provide. While these Las Vegas balloon experiences offer a bit more in dramatic scenery, they also tip the price scales to about $200 for each person. However, if you do decide to supplement your Cloud Nine trip with another balloon ride, multiple companies are available. First off though, you can enjoy the experience of seeing the best view of Las Vegas from a bird’s eye point of view in the world’s largest helium balloon ride, the Cloud Nine Balloon Experience, which is sure to provide memories to last a lifetime.

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