Crazy Girls Vegas

Show Type:
Cabaret Show

Mardi Gras Theaters–Level 2 Crazy Girls Showroom
Riviera Hotel and Casino
2901 Las Vegas Blvd South Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109

Show Description

Crazy Girls Vegas has been on stage for many years in Las Vegas, performed nightly by a bevy of beautiful, and so they say ‘crazy’ girls. Headlining at the Rivera Hotel & Casino at the Mardi Gras Theater, the show has played on through all the ups and downs in the last decade and a half of Vegas history. Crazy Girls Riviera receives nods from all across the board and is noted as one of the longest running of all Las Vegas shows. Over the course of the successful Las Vegas adult show, there have been more than 100 performers, but only eight hit the stage each night.

Crazy Girls Vegas is an exciting cabaret adventure encompassing music, dance, and comedy. Notable as one of the original Vegas cabaret shows, the Crazy Girls Riviera show has been performed more than 15,000 times featuring more than 150 girls over a 21-year period, triumphing in performances over other such shows like Peep Show or Crazy Horse Paris. Sultry, sexy, and definitely dynamic, this show bares it all for audiences, leaving little to the imagination. Routines are continuously revised and updated to offer show-goers the hottest topless act on The Strip. Booty-shaking, topless numbers, and pole dancing are just the beginning of the fresh, animated cabaret show. A favorite for bachelor parties and both guys and girls weekend vacations, the Las Vegas adult show is a proven success with all types. The Man of 1,000 Faces, otherwise known as Joe Trammel, is a special guest performer in the Crazy Girls Riviera cabaret show. His material has changed and evolved over the course of the show inline with the other acts. He offers a hotbed of comedy skits and lines throughout the show, getting audiences in an uproar whenever he hits the stage.

Over the years, Crazy Girls Vegas has been shrouded in controversy for their racy, envelope-pushing ads that have garnered much negative media attention, yet the producers and girls have pushed on and their ads have never been pulled. A bronze sculpture has immortalized one of the ads—that of eight showgirls from behind—in front of the hotel's entrance. The passion behind the show has kept it alive and running in original form for almost two decades. With an act that is constantly evolving, no show is exactly the same. The Crazy Girls Vegas Showroom seats 400 people and includes both regular chairs and intimate booths, all with drink tables to make it as convenient and comfortable as possible. This powerful Las Vegas adult show debuts every night at 9:30 p.m.

Artist Biography

The women of crazy girls have numbered over 150 over the 16 years the show has been performed in Vegas. The all-female cast are mostly professional dancers with some girls trained in dancing specifically for the show. The manager of Crazy Girls is Karen Raider, who is an original cast dancer. She began as a regular dancer, moved on to the team’s line manager, and is now company manager to a hundred or so women. She is the only original dancer in the show. Joe Trammel is a reputable Las Vegas comedian who has been around the show circuit for years. He has a frenetic sense of humor which is really unique and funny. He’s also one of the stars of “V” at the V Theater at Planet Hollywood.

Image: daBinsi (flickr)
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