Criss Angel Las Vegas

Show Type:
Magic Show

The Luxor Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
3900 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Show Description

Chris Angel Las Vegas

Criss Angel MINDFREAK® LIVE show stars the famous illusionist and performance artist Criss Angel who brings audiences world wide intense and daring magic shows. Audiences await one of the most daring tricks Angel will perform; levitating in the Luxor pyramid at the greatest height he's ever attempted at 30 stories. He also plans to be the first person to ever vanish while driving a Lamborghini, attempting this trick at 150-180mph. In this edition of Criss Angel Las Vegas he will also attempt to make the Fantasy girls of the Luxor disappear at the top of the atrium in the lobby. In an interview he says that he intends to invite Penn & Teller and Lance Burton to the hotel and make them disappear along with the entire Luxor hotel! Criss Angel Vegas show tricks and illusions encompass the highest of ambitions and leave millions of people in awe of his skills and capabilities. Though Angel spares no praise for Houdini he believes that magic has not 'kept up with the times' and is trying to bring the art of magic back into popular culture today.


Criss Angel Show at the Luxor
Criss Angel Show at the Luxor Hotel

Since the ripe age of six Criss Angel, an inquisitive and creative child, has dabbled in many different art forms including performance artist, musician, mystefier and incendiary. Encompassing an adamant work ethic, incredibly unique vision, inarguable talent and skill, he grew up with both music and magic close to his heart with his biggest magic influences being the infamous Houdini and the other, Richiardi. He received his pyrotechnics license by 18, also holds a 7th degree black belt and has a fairly extensive background in gymnastics and dance.

1998 saw Criss Angel show off his skill in hid first major production at Madison Square Garden called World of Illusion. The show had a great response and got him another major show, this time on Broadway called 'Mindfreak' which was a success until the show's end in January of 2003. Before the show's end, 'Criss Angel MindFreak' premiered in October of 2002 as a one-time shot. After the Broadway show Angel went on to appear in many more specials and televison shows. Angel went on to secure 'Mindfreak' as a regularly running television show on A&E with the first two seasons filmed at the then-Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. Currently season 3 is being filmed at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, also in Vegas.

The 21st century has witnessed Criss Angel add new definition to the meaning 'performing artist'. The Criss Angel show has been created, directed, produced and starred in by himself. The Criss Angel show topped highest advanced tickets sold during his 600-performance/4 month off-broadway run of the Criss Angel show This magical ingenue has received several awards to date including Magician of the Year 2001, 2004,2005, 2007 and 2008 making him the first magician ever to receive this esteemed award this many times.

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