D Las Vegas

A giant neon rainbow extends down the side of the D Las Vegas (formerly known as the Fitzgeralds Hotel), leading directly into the casino's logo - a giant green shamrock behind the location's name in lights. In case you were still unclear on the theme of the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel, there is plenty of green and gold inside, and the world “luck” seems to be emblazoned haphazardly across the main areas of the D Las Vegas, from the Irish-themed slot machines (Dublin Your Jackpot, indeed) to the standard neon signs throughout the interior.

Despite the devotion to the Irish theme, however, the D Casino Hotel is one of the more laid-back spots in the city. Sure, all downtown Vegas casinos have the habit of going for relative understatement (of course, relative to the likes of the Paris or Mandalay Bay on the strip, most of the rest of the world is understated), but the D Hotel does it a little better than its neighbors. Largely populated by a clientele of the middle-aged and good-natured - this is neither the Vegas of the strip, nor the old-school charm that pervades some of the more popular off-strip hotels. The D Casino Hotel seems to exist in some kind of limbo between these extremes, focusing more on value and convenience than the overwhelming glamour of the rest of the city. Almost for this reason alone, D Las Vegas is worth a visit, especially if you have been around the city more than a few times.

D Hotel Las Vegas
D Hotel Las Vegas

The main casino floor is full of low-limit table games, featuring one of the cheapest roulette wheels in all of Vegas. D Las Vegas doesn't seem to try too hard when it comes to the frivolities of the city - its setup is fairly utilitarian. D Las Vegas definitely features some of the strongest drinks anywhere in the city - whether this is a nod to the hotel's overriding theme or not is anyone's guess. The food options and pool further the D casino's laid-back theme. The food is tasty, if not amazing, and these could be the only casino restaurants in the city where you are more likely to see patrons in sweatpants and fanny packs than Dolce and Gabbana. The pool is even less flashy and rarely in use, even during the suffocating summer months in the desert. Though it doesn't overwhelm, there are few things in Vegas that are not available here. The upper rooms are especially nice, creating a beautiful view of a bright and bustling city, and if you are lucky enough to get a bathroom with a Jacuzzi included, so much the better. Though the downtown hotels are known for such things, the comps here might be the best in town, at least for table game players. If you are comfortable betting $20 a hand on blackjack, it'll only be a matter of time before the free stuff is coming your way.

If value is important and location is not, the D Hotel might be the place for you - the party atmosphere is lacking, but the energy on the tables and in the (albeit cramped) poker room more than make up for the casino's other inconsistencies. And with rooms running as low as $40 a night during the offseason, it's already like you've had the room comped. Besides, $40 plus a cab ride to the strip and back is still significantly cheaper than most rooms in Sin City.

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