DAO Show

Sorry, the Dao Riviera Show has closed. Check out our list of Las Vegas shows.

Show Type:
Production Show

Mardi Gras Theatre
Riviera Hotel and Casino
2901 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description:

DAO Show at the Riviera is a celebration of Asian dance, costume, music, and martial arts. This Las Vegas production show comes direct from China, and is an explosion of color and entertainment that takes its flavor from the Far East. The show features breathtaking acrobatics from a world-class and highly skilled ensemble. These feats are set to beautiful music, and blended seamlessly with historic and modern dance. Audiences can expect to be at the edges of their seats, as the DAO Show performers jump from pole to pole, or balance on chairs stacked high enough to turn your stomach. The daring feats are effortlessly wound into the beautiful choreography of the show, which draws on Chinese culture, acrobatics, and creativity. Exquisite costumes and vibrant, stunning stage design make for a spectacular visual treat.

For many, the highlight of the DAO Riviera show is the astounding finale. The pace builds to end with a routine that includes incredible balancing tricks and seemingly life-threatening acrobatics in a whirlwind of movement and color. Another highlight is the performers' interaction with the audience. This is not a Las Vegas production show where you can simply sit back in your seat and absorb the entertainment in front of your eyes. The DAO Riviera show includes an element of audience participation. In fact, audiences have reported that, more than any other Las Vegas production show, the DAO show keeps them on their toes. This is partly because the show involves an audience member being called up to take part in the famous knife-toss act, which requires more than a little bravery.

The DAO Riviera show runs every evening from Wednesday through Monday. The Riviera Hotel and Casino's Mardi Gras Theatre is a great venue for the show. The large theatre space leaves plenty of room for the acrobatics, and is often fully booked, creating a buzzing, vibrant atmosphere for the show. The Riviera is known as a great venue, and is currently hosting other acts, including Sandy Hackett's Rat Pack Show and the magician or thought-reader Amazing Kreskin.

Artist Biography:

The Dao Show has achieved recognition and popularity partly because of its authenticity as an Asian celebration. The director of the show, Hou Chunyan, left Wu Qiao, his home town in the People's Republic of China, to tour and perform in a string of productions in the west. These included the premier of Disney Studio's animated classic Mulan. He also performed at the United Nations Summit. Spurred on by his success in America, Hou Chunyan came to Las Vegas, where he performed in several Las Vegas shows.

Having gotten a taste for Las Vegas entertainment, Qiao then decided to direct his own show, bringing a taste of his native country to the bright lights of the Strip. Many of the acrobats, dancers, and musicians in have lived and learned their art in China, and the costumes and set take inspiration from classical Chinese design. The Riviera has proved to be an ideal venue for the DAO show, which has become one of the great success stories in a long list of Las Vegas shows that have hit the big time. The Riviera is located right on the Las Vegas Strip close to Circus Circus, Stratosphere, and Treasure Island.

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