Excalibur Hotel Shows

Excalibur Hotel Shows
Excalibur Hotel Shows

The Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas is one of the best places in the southern portion of Las Vegas Boulevard to go if you want family friendly activities that are thrilling and entertaining. There are a wide variety of things to do and see, ranging from shows, roller coaster rides, and free performances that are suitable for all ages.

The Tournament of Kings

The Tournament of Kings dinner theater show is one of the best shows in the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas. At an affordable $50-60 per person, you can get an evenings entertainment with a filling meal. The show has jousting, horse racing, combat and amazing special effects that allow this show to outshine others similar to it.

Merlin's Magical Motion Machines

Located within the Excalibur Hotel Vegas are Merlin's Magical Motion Machines. These themed roller coasters each have a story, transforming them from a simple ride to an experience that you will not forget. There are restrictions to these rides, so if you have children, be prepared for the reality that they may not be permitted on these rides. Pay close attention to the signs outside of each ride. These will give information regarding age and height limitations.

Excalibur Wedding Chapel

For those wanting a memorable and different wedding, this medieval themed chapel allows you to take the plunge in an atmosphere that is unique to Vegas and many other parts of the United States. With this chapel, you will not have to wait until a Faire comes your way.

Thunder From Down Under

This show in the Thunder From Down Under Showroom is a ladies dream come true. Australian men show off their performing abilities as well as their bodies in this hot show. You must be 18 years of age or older in order to attend this show.


There are a wide range of restaurants at the Excalibur Las Vegas, ranging from the Tournament of Kings dinner show to the Steakhouse at the Camelot. If you are looking for something a little more casual, the food court boasts a wide variety of different restaurants.

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