Las Vegas Exotic Car Rentals

Las Vegas exotic car rentals offer more than a mode of transportation—they allow you to cruise the Strip in style. The companies promise complete customer satisfaction, luxurious vehicles, and an abundance of panache with each rental. Visitors can find a large selection of rare and exotic vehicles from the Lamborghini to a 1970 Cadillac De Ville, as well as a variety of services along with their Vegas exotic rental car. When renting any vehicle, especially those offered at an exotic car rental in Las Vegas, drivers should become familiar with any rules and regulations such as return policies and usage guidelines. Each exotic rental car company in Vegas, from Vegas Luxury Rides to Voyager Classics, offers a number of specials throughout the seasons, such as unlimited mileage and three-day packages. If you’re planning a high-end trip to Vegas, consider finding your transportation at one of the exotic car rental companies.

Las Vegas Exotic Car Rentals
Las Vegas Exotic Car Rentals

Las Vegas exotic car rentals offer a policy of thorough customer service and, of course, large selections of the most stylish vehicles on the road. When renting a Vegas exotic rental car, renters can look forward to a number of services along with their reservations, including complimentary delivery to anywhere in the Las Vegas area at some companies, pick up and drop off at any of the Las Vegas airports, special needs and service accommodations, and even a private driver in some cases.

Being aware of the formalities of any agreement is extremely important, and each exotic car rental in Las Vegas has several policies that renters should understand. At the time of rental, a valid driver’s license, a major credit card, and transferable insurance must be presented at every company. Additionally, returning the vehicle on time after use is essential to avoid any extra costs, and while Las Vegas exotic car rentals occasionally offer a grace period, it’s best to make sure rentals are on the way back to the garage on time. Advance reservations for a Vegas exotic car rental are often required, and should a cancellation be necessary, many companies require the cancellation to be submitted 72 hours before the time of rental to ensure a refund of rental fees; thereafter, rental fees are nonrefundable. Drivers who plan to leave the state of Nevada may be required to obtain written approval from the company providing their Las Vegas exotic car rentals. Other restrictions usually include a nonsmoking policy and the prohibited use of the vehicles in any off road and racing activities; these parameters are to ensure the continued satisfaction of future drivers and the preservation of these sometimes-historic vehicles.

Rates for rented vehicles are an important factor to consider when contemplating an exotic car rental in Las Vegas, as they’re only truly suited to travelers with a large disposable income. Each car is leased on an hourly or daily rate, and depending on the rarity of the vehicle, these rates can range from about $200 a day to more than $1000. In addition to daily rates, a majority of the vehicles include a set mile usage for each day, varying from company to company; each mile exceeding this number will be assessed for additional charges, and these charges vary as well, depending on the vehicle.

A luxury car may be the perfect complement to your Vegas vacation, particularly if you’re planning a wedding or other special event in the city. Renters can choose from any number of Las Vegas exotic car rentals, including Exotic Car Rentals, Dream Car Rentals, Voyager Classics, Eminence Luxury Services, and Vegas Luxury Rides, whether you plan to cruise the gambling scene, hit all the fabulous nightspots, or just tour one of the most well known cities in America, driving in style is one of the essential ingredients for many travelers, and in such cases, these Vegas exotic rental car companies have got you covered.

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