Red Rock Exotic Car Driving Experience

A Red Rock Exotic Car Driving Experience is something that every automobile enthusiast should consider when planning a Las Vegas trip. These tours allow you to get behind the wheel of at least three different exotic supercars, including Ferraris and Lamborghinis. World Class Driving is the company that offers the Red Rock Exotic Car Driving Experience tours. This same company also offers other kinds of driving experiences, such as muscle car driving experiences and racing experiences. Here in this article, however, we focus primarily on the Red Rock Exotic Car Driving Experience.

Red Rock Exotic Car
Red Rock Exotic Car

Three or four exotic supercars and some of the most spectacular scenery in the West. This is what you get to enjoy during a Red Rock Exotic Car Driving Experience. The tours take you on either a 30 or 50-mile round trip from Las Vegas to beautiful Red Rock Canyon and back. During the tour, you rotate through each supercar at specific checkpoints before ultimately returning to your starting point just off the Las Vegas Strip.

Red Rocks Race Cars
Red Rocks Race Cars

As you might imagine, the cost of the Red Rock Exotic Car Driving Experience tours is fairly high. You could easily argue that the fees are more than reasonable, however, as the memories are bound to last a lifetime. One passenger can be brought along for an added fee. It is also possible to share the driving experience with one other person for an additional fee. On the shared rides that feature three vehicles instead of four, one of the drivers gets to drive two cars and the other just one car. In such an event, the World Class Driving company recommends “a spirited round of rock-paper-scissors” to determine who gets to drive the two cars.

There are a few things worth noting when it comes to the Red Rock Exotic Car Driving Experience tours. For starters, all drivers must go through a short safety briefing before they put the pedal to the metal. In relation to actually driving the cars, it is not necessary to know how to operate a manual transmission. All of the cars have an automatic mode. F1-style paddles and tiptronic shifters are in place for those who want to manually control the shifting.

World Class Driving
World Class Driving

Accompanying drivers along the way on the Red Rock Exotic Car Driving Experience tours is a professional staff to help things go as smoothly as possible. Sport casual is the ideal kind of clothing to wear on the driving tours, and while there are no specific weight or height restrictions, the World Class Driving company advises that drivers who weigh over 280 lbs. or are 6’5” or taller may be extremely uncomfortable. Light rain usually isn’t an issue. Heavier rains can cause delays or postponements. Thankfully, it doesn’t rain very much in Las Vegas. Even light rain is rare in the Nevada desert.

Finally, we offer a couple of tips to help make your Red Rock Exotic Car Driving Experience as rewarding as possible. First off, if there is one car in particular that you want to drive more than any other, you shouldn’t pick it first. Make it the second, third, or fourth car that you rotate into. Secondly, don’t wait until you get back to the garage to take your photos, as the scenery at Red Rock Canyon is a fantastic backdrop for pictures. In case you are wondering, the World Class Driving Dream Garage address is 4055 Dean Martin Drive. That puts it between the Rio All-Suites Hotel and the Las Vegas Strip.  

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