Fantasy Vegas

Show Type:
Production Show

Atrium Showroom
Luxor Hotel and Casino
3900 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89136

Show Description

Fantasy Vegas
Fantasy Vegas

FANTASY is one of the most seductive and sensual Vegas shows on The Strip and ranks up there with Crazy Girls at Riviera and Peep Show at Planet Hollywood. The Fantasy Luxor show has been featured in Vegas for more than a decade, which exemplifies its incredible popularity. Though you might expect to see an all-male crowd, this Las Vegas adult show welcomes plenty of couples enjoying Vegas vacations, which illustrates the very tasteful yet sexy nature of the show. Lorena Peril, a popular vocalist, joins the beautiful cast of FANTASY Vegas taking to the stage with plenty of powerhouse tunes. This isn’t the only special element to the FANTASY Luxor show either. There is a comedic interlude, singing, and plenty of high-energy dancing featured throughout this Las Vegas adult show.

As the name implies, FANTASY Vegas revolves around numerous fantasies acted out by the many vibrant women of the cast. These fantasies range from a the typical house maid fantasy to three of the women in bed together, acting out a love scene. All of the show routines are performed to lively music, including Black Velvet and Roxanne, which is sung by Stefanie Jordan, one of the leading ladies of the show. The entire show is interspersed with comedy routines performed by long-time Vegas favorite Sean Cooper, a multi-talented guy who sings, perform comedy acts, does impressions, and dances professionally. Each of the performances is very personable and choreographed perfectly. Belly dances, salsa dancing, aerialist acts, and celebrity impersonations create an energetic and dynamic Las Vegas number. One of the best parts of the show is the meet-and-greet by the performers afterward just outside the venue. This 90-minute Las Vegas adult show opens seven days a week at the Luxor at 10:30 p.m. Luxor also has other shows under its roof, most notably Criss Angel's Believe and Carrot Top.

Artist Biography

Stefanie Jordan was the top star of FANTASY. She has been a dancer and singer for more than 20 years and has starred in 20 Las Vegas shows over the years. Though many say she made the show with her incredible voice, she is quietly slipping out of the scene. Well-known for her TV performances on Baywatch and lead role in the band Strawberry Blonde, Angela Bridges also had a leading role in the show for a year or so, taking over for Stefanie, and now hosts her own television show. Lorena Peril took the reigns from Angela Bridges after the closing of her well-received Las Vegas show Sin City Bad Girls featured at the Las Vegas Hilton. She also starred in a show at the Stratosphere as Christina Aguilera.

Anita Mann is the show’s producer and part choreographer, but is foremost an entertainer and actor, known for her roles in several popular Elvis films. She is also now a producer of many hit Las Vegas shows aside from FANTASY Vegas. Sean Cooper is the featured comedian in the Fantasy Luxor revue. He is also a professional dancer and impressionist. He brings his talents to the show via all of his professional abilities, offering comedic relief and plenty of great impressions interlaced in the show. Choreographer Chris Judd works with all the dancers, both together and individually, to create some of the sexiest, rawest dance moves on the Las Vegas show circuit today.

Top image: Denise Truscello
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