Fashionistas Las Vegas

The Fashionistas has closed its run at the Empire Ballroom. For similar adult shows, you can look into Zumanity or Striptease the Show, or pick from our list of the best shows in Las Vegas.

Show Type:
Adult Show

Empire Ballroom
Empire Ballroom
3765 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

In a town as noted as Las Vegas for debauchery, it's tough to stage a show that makes heads turn in shock. But Fashionistas Las Vegas sure gives it a go. Based on a hit adult movie of the same name, the show takes this lurid setup and turns it into a series of rousing song and dance numbers, which came across as surprisingly tame, considering the roots of Las Vegas Fashionistas.

As you would expect from the adaptation of an adult movie, there's only a cursory attempt at story - it's really just a setting that provides that half-heartedly attempts to keep the narrative cohesive. The plot of Las Vegas Fashionistas tells the story of a young female fashion worker who becomes entangled in a high-powered love triangle between her overbearing boss, a world famous fashion designer and, of course, herself. The plot plays out over the course of two hours, the entirety of the story shown through song and dance.

The Las Vegas Fashionistas has a far grittier, darker soundtrack than any other of the city's adult shows. Taking recent releases as the backdrop for the show, Fashionistas carves its plot from a series of hard rock songs from well-known bands such as Tool and Lords of Acid as well as chart-toppers like Evanescence and Madonna, and the dance numbers are easily the most suggestive of any Las Vegas show. The Fashionistas Las Vegas production makes the artistry of Zumanity look tame, the Folies Bergere appear cheerfully non-descript. But, underneath it all - there's no actual nudity, and much of the more deviant sides of sexuality are introduced in a playful manner, as if the show's producers are letting the audience in on a joke.

And it could be - the idea to base a Vegas show on an adult movie must have seemed ridiculous to many of the city's artisans, but the Fashionistas Las Vegas show has persevered and even been lauded for its widespread appeal. All the more reason to go see it. Fashionistas plays every day but Wednesday at 9pm.

Show Biography

Developed by noted pornographer John Stagliano, who also produced the original adult movie, Fashionistas is able to ride both sides of the fence when it comes to sexuality - hinting at everything but showing nothing, Stagliano has created a show that stresses the complexities of the many dance numbers over the sight of naked flesh. Though he is considered a pioneer in his original medium, and given due credit for his work to intertwine pornography into mainstream culture, his ability to grasp the nuances of the Las Vegas stage show might be one of his greatest artistic achievements.

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