Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

A tropical oasis rests inside the Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel. Conveniently lost amongst the shuffle of tourists headed up and down the strip towards the Venetian or across the street to Caesar's Palace, the Flamingo Habitat sits placid and serene amongst the craziness of Vegas. Located just off the hotel's north lobby and right next to the pool, you can find a stirring monument to the birds that lend the Flamingo its name, and visiting here is one of the most unusual things to do in Las Vegas. A flock of the Chilean birds are the main residents of the Flamingo Hotel Wildlife Habitat, but there are plenty of other winged creatures populating the grounds, from Australian black swans and parrots, quail and ducks to a group of penguins on loan from the Dallas Zoo that occasionally call the habitat home. A cadre of colorful koi can also be found in the pools and streams of the Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel Wildlife Habitat, along with a collection of turtles meandering about the lush foliage and man-made waterways.

Over 300 birds can be found here, bathing in the fresh water of the grounds or scattered across the two main islands of the Flamingo Habitat. You can also see an impressive array of imported plants (amongst the semi-hidden heat lamps) meant to replicate these animals' natural habitat. To the average visitor, the Wildlife Habitat is a serene and enchanting aspect of the famous Flamingo Hotel. A variety of streams and waterfalls add to the tropical atmosphere here, and there are winding walkways and footbridges throughout the entire Flamingo Habitat that allow visitors to get even closer to nature. Lagoons, pools, and small pockets of palm trees are also here for both the wildlife and hotel guests to enjoy. The Flamingo Habitat is a peaceful and relaxing alternative to the extravagant neon and jangling slot machines that the city is known for.

Along with the Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand, there is plenty of nature for Vegas visitors to enjoy, and at discount prices. In fact both the MGM Lion Habitat and the Flamingo Hotel Wildlife Habitat are completely free - a bonus for any travelers visiting Vegas on a budget. It is also open 24 hours, so it's perfect for those who need a short break from the poker tables at 3 am to go and recharge amidst the tropical plants and sleeping animals.

While the Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel might be famous as the casino that started widespread construction on the strip, the Wildlife Habitat inside only adds to the establishment's legacy, one interested in giving guests a more well-rounded vacation rather than just the chase of riches on the casino floor.

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