Flights From Chicago to Las Vegas

If you plan to fly from Chicago to Las Vegas and are looking for a cheap flight from Chicago to Las Vegas, there are two airports to choose from. O'Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport are both located in the Chicago area and offer air travel cheap flight from Chicago to Las Vegas.

As the larger of the two airports, the O'Hare International Airport services the most airlines from Chicago to Las Vegas and usually the highest volume of cheap flight from Chicago to Las Vegas. Centrally located, the O'Hare Airport is easy to find. The airport is, however, mammoth in size, making it sometimes difficult to navigate. Be sure to arrive at the airport long before your scheduled flight time to allow for plenty of time to get to your gate. Some of the most popular airlines from Chicago to Las Vegas leaving from the O'Hare Airport include United, US Airways, and America West. Smaller airlines also offer cheap flight from Chicago to Las Vegas from O'Hare.

The Midway International Airport also offers cheap Chicago to Las Vegas airfare and services many popular airlines from Chicago to Las Vegas. The Midway International Airport is smaller then O'Hare, but for many travelers from Chicago provides a less hectic experience. Many travelers report that service through security and ticketing is often quicker than the larger Chicago airports, and many times travelers can still find inexpensive Chicago to Las Vegas airfare.

As one of the nation's largest cities, Chicago to Las Vegas airfare can usually be found for a reasonable price. Purchasing tickets during the summer or winter is a great way to find lower rates from Chicago. Many travel companies also offer packages, which combine airfare, Las Vegas attractions, and hotel accommodation. Travel packages such as these often result in reduced rates. All-inclusive travel packages will include meals for the duration of your stay in Las Vegas, as well as access to some of the most popular Las Vegas attractions.

No matter which airline or airport you choose, you can generally count on finding cheaper flights by flying during off-peak times of the day or week. Since most travel for vacation and business happens on the weekends, flights scheduled during the week, usually on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, will be less expensive than on any other day. Additionally, red-eye flights leaving in the wee hours of the morning will almost always offer a discounted fare.

For anyone looking for an inexpensive option when finding transportation to the airport, there are alternatives to parking at the airport for multiple days. Often parking at the airport offers convenience but can be quite expensive, and travelers planning a vacation of more then a few days may want to look into other options. Many companies near both O'Hare and Midway offer shuttle service, where tourists can park their car for a much lower fee then found at the airport and receive free shuttle service right to their airline. Most shuttle services of this kind offer secured parking lots and are fully insured.

Whether you choose to book your flight from Chicago to Las Vegas from O'Hare or Midway, you'll find that airfare is reasonable and convenient. Transportation from the Las Vegas airport to your Las Vegas hotel or directly to a popular Las Vegas attraction can be arranged through your hotel or one of the many airport transportation companies. Once you have arrived, a bevy of night clubs, shopping, dining and entertainment await you on the Las Vegas Strip.

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