Flights From New York to Las Vegas

Flights from New York to Las Vegas are surprisingly inexpensive considering the 3,000 miles that separate the two cities. Anyone booking flights from New York to Las Vegas will be able to find rock-bottom prices for a number of flight times and airlines. LaGuardia International Airport and JFK International Airport are the two main airports offering flights from New York to Las Vegas, and travelers will also be able to locate a direct flight from Las Vegas to New York into either airport when making their way home. JFK is about a thirty minute drive into the heart of New York, while LaGuardia is about a fifteen minute drive in the heart of the city.

In general, JFK International Airport is considered to be the less expensive of the two New York airports. Located further from the city than LaGuardia, JFK most consistently services inexpensive airfare to Las Vegas. Delta, Continental, American, and US all offer budget airfare to Las Vegas. First class flight is also available to and from JFK International Airport.

LaGuardia International Airport also offers flight New York to Las Vegas. LaGuardia is considered to be the more conveniently located of the two major New York airports, and yet great deals can still be found from LaGuardia. Airfare to Vegas on Delta, Continental, American, and more can be booked from LaGuardia. First class flight is available from LaGuardia on a number of different airlines.

If a budget flight is your priority, you can also try booking a last minute airfare to Las Vegas. Last minute airfares to Las Vegas is consistently the most inexpensive way to book a flight and is a great option for travelers with flexible vacation plans. Budget travelers may also want to look into purchasing a travel package that combines airfare with Las Vegas hotel accommodation and access to other popular Las Vegas attractions.

Inexpensive flights can also be found by knowing when to go to Las Vegas. Summer and winter tend to be the off season for Vegas, and yet travelers will still be able to enjoy all of the night clubs, night life, shopping, dining, and other entertainment that makes Las Vegas famous. Specifically, holiday seasons are more expensive times to fly, but winter and mid-summer will offer the lowest fares. Additionally, scheduling flights during the week rather than on the weekends is a great way to locate low fares.

When it is time to head back home, there are also many options for a direct flight from Las Vegas to New York. From the Las Vegas Airport, travelers will again find that flying into JFK will usually be the cheapest option, though depending on your final destination LaGuardia may be more convenient. The cost of a direct flight from Las Vegas to New York is often not much more expensive than a flight with stops and for many travelers is worth the extra cash.

No matter which airport suits your needs best, travel between New York and Las Vegas is among the least expensive in the country. Direct flights offer the chance to spend more time vacationing and less time in airports, and will greatly enhance your Las Vegas vacation.

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