Folies Bergere Las Vegas

The long-running Folies Bergere show has closed. For other great performances, you might consider the Blue Man Group or any Cirque du Soleil show, or check out our list of Las Vegas shows.

Show Type:
Production Show

Tiffany Theatre
Tropicana Vegas
3801 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

If you really want to see a piece of Vegas history, the Folies Bergere Las Vegas show might be for you. The show has been at the Tropicana since the late 50s and continues to pay tribute to the women of that time period, the 40s and 50s coming alive with the high kicks and rotating stages of the Folies Bergere show.

Any show that has been playing for 50 years needs to be well acquainted with the art of reinvention. And the Folies Bergere show is no stranger to this phenomenon - the current rendition is a throwback to the glory years (it really was one of the shows that started it all back in the day), lifting the costumes and choreography of the era and taking it to new heights. And this Folies Bergere Paris show contains everything you'd expect from a Vegas showgirl show, from the classic Can-Can to evocative Latin numbers to the obligatory striptease - these are the signature moves of the most lauded Vegas showgirl act in the city.

Though the focus of the Folies Bergere show may remain on the 40s and 50s, the entire production traces courting and dance from the Elizabethan era all the way to present. Formal gowns, corsets, flapper dresses - they all make appearances (and sometimes disappear just as quickly) as the girls take you through history.

The trademark of Folies Bergere Las Vegas, of course, is its collection of topless women in colorful costumes. And there is certainly no shortage of them throughout the proceedings - but the long lasting appeal of the Folies Bergere Paris show resides in the pageantry and intricate and impressive choreography more so than any erotic titillation. The most famous quote of the movie "Showgirls" comes when the main character insists: "I'm a dancer, not a stripper."

For the Folies Bergere Las Vegas show, this quote actually holds true. However, some patrons would prefer the dancers keep their clothes on. For those Las Vegas shows, there is also a 7:30 showing Mondays through Thursdays. All other performances are carried out topless.

Show Biography

Performing for 50 years, the traditional French style revue Folies Bergere Paris show entertains around 40,000 people a month, nowadays. The cast is ever-changing, but always the premiere spot a Vegas showgirl can land.

The show gets its name from a Parisian music hall in the city’s 9th Arondissement. Though the hall is still active today, its popularity crested around the turn of the century, when the revealing dances flew in the face of the time’s social mores. It is also the performance type that the American Ziegfeld Follies was patterned after.

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