Four Queens Las Vegas

While all downtown Vegas casinos have a certain appeal (mostly their cheap price in a city famed for excess), the Four Queens Hotel and Casino might suffer the most from its location. Whereas surrounding hotels like the Golden Nugget, Binions, or Fremont all have certain qualities that make them an attractive tourist destination of their own right, the Four Queens Las Vegas has nothing more than the low price of your hotel room - unless you are a serious slots player. And though the clientele runs the same gamut as the other downtown hotels, one trip across the casino floor will show you some excited gamblers, all dutifully gathered at one slot machine or another.

The rooms are fairly nice - nothing special, nothing extravagant, but everything is always right where you expect it and the customer service is a slight cut above the hotel's competitors. The rooms, especially in the newer South tower, are a lot nicer than the older section of the hotel, and come more equipped with large flat screen TVs and the always helpful coffeemaker for those tough mornings. This is what helps keep the Four Queens Las Vegas in business - you get the same amenities you would anywhere else, but at discounted prices. Discount prices mean stronger crowds. Because if you want a nice poker room, or sportsbook, or even a relaxing pool, there's not a lot that the Four Queens Las Vegas has to offer you.

Despite the overwhelming surge in popularity of Texas Hold 'Em, the very game drawing hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world to Las Vegas on a regular basis, the Four Queens Hotel and Casino has made the decision to keep its poker room doors closed. The sportsbook isn't terrible, but closes at ridiculously early hours, because sports always end in the daylight hours. And the pool is just as non-existent as the poker room. You may as well just go back to the slot machines.

For this is what the Four Queens Hotel and Casino is known for. More slot machines than you would ever bother counting, with limits as low as a penny. Talk about stretching your gaming budget. Another excellent aspect of the Four Queens Las Vegas is its generous comp attitude in regards to slots players. Table gamers will have to take their chances, but everyone else can be rewarded with food and room upgrades for only a day's worth of play. So try to keep up your good luck, and that tasty meal at Hugo's Cellar - the casino's requisite steakhouse, located in a quaint, romantic basement setting - can be yours. Or you can just save yourself the suspense and head down there on your own - it's definitely another of the main selling points of the Four Queens Hotel.

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