Fremont Hotel and Casino

Famed heart of the Fremont Street Experience, this hotel and casino dresses itself up nicely as the class of the downtown hotels. And, if you equate the color purple with luxury, the Fremont Hotel and Casino is the most luxurious spot in the whole of Las Vegas. Take that, Bellagio - even the felt on the Caribbean stud tables are the same shade of purple that presides throughout the casino.

The real draw is it being in the vicinity of the ceaseless light and sound shows that make up the Fremont Street Experience. Considering that the main demographic of people here seems to be a crowd rapidly headed towards their AARP memberships, you'd think the constant noise all night would be a deterrent. But you'd be wrong - the Fremont Hotel Las Vegas has, no joke, one of the rowdier casino floor scenes in the city. At least until 2 or 3am. Then it looks like any other deserted casino spread throughout the city. Like the Four Queens and California and nearly every hotel in downtown Vegas, the Fremont Hotel and Casino is designed primarily for slots players. So if one-armed bandits, blinking lights and the glorious clinking of tokens raining onto metal pans set your mind awhirl, there are few better places to spend your Vegas vacation than the Fremont Hotel and Casino. Join with others like you, skin washed in similar shades of lavender, thanks to the ubiquitous neon purple lights all over the casino.

The purple disappears when you walk into your room, which is a shame. Instead, it is replaced by a more subtle, tasteful, tan color. The rooms are especially nice for downtown hotels, and the always fascinating sight of the Fremont Street Experience is never far, as long as you stay on the correct side of the casino (the one facing Fremont Street). The staff goes out of their way to make sure your stay is a good one, and the rooms themselves are of slightly larger quality than the Fremont Hotel's downtown neighbors.

Another nice aspect here is the high quality of food featured in the hotel's handful of restaurants. The Second Street Grill will surprise anyone expecting the mediocrity of downtown Vegas to seep into its exquisite seafood and Pacific Rim dishes, and the Paradise Café is great for people seeking out tasty Hawaiian food. There's also a Tony Roma's thrown in for good measure, but chain store ribs have nothing on the other options.

For whatever reason, there seems to be a dearth of pools in the downtown area, and the Fremont Hotel Las Vegas is no different, choosing to share one with its sister property, the California. Which is certainly convenient for those looking to cool off during the exhausting Vegas summers (the only time the pool is actually open).

So play the slots, get some scallops at the Second Street Grill, take in the flashing lights of the Fremont Street Experience and head off to bed at 3 am, and the Fremont Hotel Las Vegas will forever be entrenched in your mind as a wonderful time. Otherwise, go to the strip - rooms at the Excalibur or Circus Circus are only a little more expensive most nights.

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