George Wallace

George Wallace's comedy show at Flamingo has closed. Check out our list of Las Vegas shows.

Show Type:
Comedy Show

Flamingo Showroom (located in Flamingo Las Vegas)
3555 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Description

When day fades into night in Las Vegas, it's time to enjoy the nightlife. If you are not in the mood to hit the clubs or hang out in a bar and your chips are wearing a bit thin at the tables, there's always a Las Vegas show to fill the void. From renowned singers and songwriters, to magicians and practically everything in-between, there is a Las Vegas show to fit most tastes. If it's laughs you're after, you will want to pick up some tickets to see comedian George Wallace perform at the Flamingo hotel. The Las Vegas George Wallace show integrates jokes that have been compiled over a long career, and his ability to integrate the crowd makes everyone feel comfortable. That is unless you show up late or are talking on your cell phone. In that case, George Wallace just might decide to make you the focal point for a joke or two.

The basis of the Las Vegas George Wallace show more or less revolves around poking fun at everyday situations that we have all likely found ourselves in at one time or another. His social commentaries are bound to have you laughing throughout the night, especially when George starts in on his signature, "People Say Stupid Things" routine. The comedian George Wallace has no problem making his opinion known on what his observations are on everything from celebrities to race, and he is aptly armed with a full array of "Yo' Mama" jokes. You might think you've heard them all, but he's sure to drop at least one on you that will be new and fresh. It's not unlikely that audience members of the Las Vegas George Wallace show will have the chance to shout out their own "Yo' Mama" jokes, so if you have a few you're working on, it could be your chance to get them into the limelight.

At the Las Vegas George Wallace show, you can expect the same brand of comedy that made George Wallace famous. You might recognize George's familiar way of entering a joke by starting with the words, "I be' thinkin' ". When you hear that, you know something funny is about to drop. There is little doubt that you and your friends, or even you and the complete strangers sitting nearby, will look each other in agreement while laughing at George's thoughts on things. Pop culture rears its head throughout the show, from commercials to people in entertainment, such as Michael Jackson, who seems to be an endless target for hilarious criticism. From the minute the comedian George Wallace takes the stage in his shiny suit, donning a hat and wearing a large just as shiny ring, you are in for laughs from beginning to end.

You can find George Wallace tickets available for sale online, as well as at the Flamingo box office. It is recommended that you buy your George Wallace tickets ahead of time, as his show only plays on certain dates. You can confirm upcoming dates for the Las Vegas George Wallace show by checking with the Flamingo hotel. So, kick back, laugh at every day life and bring some jokes home from the Las Vegas George Wallace comedy show.

Artist Biography

Ever since he was a teenager, George Wallace dreamed of becoming a comedian. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Wallace eventually re-located to Ohio at sixteen years of age after the death of his mother. After working at the Firestone Tire company for some time, George enrolled at the University of Akron. At Akron, Wallace studied business and transportation, but upon graduation he would move to New York City with hopes to make good on his original dream. Working first as a salesman to pay the bills, the comedian George Wallace would get his chance to take the stage, when in 1977 a friend of his opened a comedy club. It was only up from there. Wallace proved to be a hit, so he stayed in New York for a while, rooming with Jerry Seinfeld. Years later, Wallace would be the best man at Seinfeld's wedding. In 1978, the comedian George Wallace took his comedy act to the West Coast, where he was soon asked to write for the Redd Foxx Show. He did this for about a year, then found his calling back on the stage. Eventually, Wallace would become a regular at the renowned Comedy Store. His act would go on to open for some of the best names in the music business, including Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson. In 1995, after 4 years of being considered, the comedian George Wallace rose to the top of the standup ranks, garnering the honor of "Best Male Standup Comedian" as awarded at the American Comedy Awards. Throughout his career, Wallace has appeared on many television talk shows and has had a supporting role in many a film.

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