Grand Canyon Skywalk

If you've had enough gambling for one day, or just need a break from the Vegas strip, maybe it's time to grab a Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas. There's a brand new feature there that is not for those with a fear of heights - the Grand Canyon Skywalk is a horseshoe shaped open air walkway that extends over the edge of the canyon complete with a glass floor, allowing visitors a towering view into the valley over a mile below them. The only thing standing between them and certain death is ninety tons of toughened glass and reinforced steel cantilevered over the rim's edge. The Grand Canyon Skywalk stretches 70 feet over the lip, letting 120 visitors at a time gawk at the canyon floor, taking in the warm Arizona sun (the Grand Canyon glass bridge closes at dusk) while contemplating one of the greatest natural wonders in all of America.

The Skywalk is built at Eagle Point in the Grand Canyon West section of the national park, the most visited area of the entire canyon. There is a three level visitor's center attached to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, featuring a rooftop cafE that overlooks the entire structure, while below there is a museum, a movie theater and a lounge inside, as well as a few restaurants and bars.

As a relatively new attraction, it is expected to be a major attraction on a Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas. There are plenty of these tours available to Grand Canyon West from the main strip - you can choose to arrive by plane, coach, van, hummer or even helicopter. Depending on your mode of transportation, the trip will vary in length and price, with travel by coach the cheapest (as low as $150) to airplane, obviously, being the fastest (and priced around $400). If you travel by ground, you will also get to enjoy hours of the desert sights of Nevada and Arizona on your way to Grand Canyon West, with some tours offering a complementary lunch and pre-arranged photo opportunities throughout the length of the trip. These are definitely for early morning risers, though - since round Grand Canyon Tour from Las Vegas by ground is about 12 hours, you will have to be up and ready early to get to the Grand Canyon Las Vegas.

It will also cost an additional $25 to get to stare into the enormity that is the Grand Canyon Las Vegas, so this trip is certainly not for the budget traveler, but it is a singular opportunity to not only enjoy the excitement that Vegas has to offer, but also some of the jagged scenery of Southwestern America.

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