Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas

Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas
Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas

The Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas is located inside the Hard Rock Hotel, right on the Las Vegas Strip. Whether you want to just play for fun or do some serious investing in the high-stakes lounges, the Hard Rock Casino combines class and fun to create a fun, hip atmosphere for gaming and fun. While you do not have to be a hotel guest to hang out at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino, it can be fun for guests of the hotel to have an enormous casino located to close to their rooms.

The main gaming area of the Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas has more than 600 slot machines and multiple gaming tables, including craps, blackjack, pai gow and roulette. In the main gaming lounge, guests will find that if you stay long enough in one place, a cocktail waitress will find you and offer you a free drink. As with most casinos on the Strip, drinks are free for gamblers at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino. The Hard Rock Casino also has a Race and Sports Book. At any one time, the casino can provide live feeds of more than 40 racetracks and games on its multiple plasma and high definition screens.

There are also two high-stakes gambling rooms at the Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas. The Peacock Lounge is the high stakes table gaming room, with leather seats and triple digit tables. Poker and blackjack are the main favorites here. The Peacock Lounge is named for Jimi Hendrix, after his show at the Filmore Theater in 1968 where he played wearing a peacock feathered vest. The opulence of the room is meant to be a tribute to Jimi. The second high-stakes lounge is the Fender Room. The Fender Room is where guests will find the high-stakes slot machines, where they can gamble with their larger bills in quiet and seclusion. The Fender Room also has a special section for racing, where high-stakes gamblers get their own private booth with a touch screen TV to conduct business as they like.

If the idea of being cooped up inside gambling when you could be lying out by the pool leaves you wondering what to do, you can have them both by heading to the Palapa Lounge. The Palapa Lounge is the Hard Rock Casino's answer to the indoor blackjack table. The lounge is located in the swimming pool, making swim-up blackjack possible. The lounge is also a bar, so swimmers and sun-worshipers can also enjoy the lounge.

If you plan to do a lot of gambling at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino, you might look into signing up for the Back Stage Pass. Although it is free to get a pass, you must speak with a concierge in person to be eligible. The Back Stage Pass is a way to track the amount of gambling you do at the hotel, and makes you eligible for extras such as a free meal at the hotel or discounted room prices. To be eligible for the Back Stage Pass, you must be at least 21 years old. The management also reserves the right to take your pass away at any time, so you also have to act respectable when at the hotel.

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