Hard Rock Hotel Concert Tickets

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is one of the most exciting additions to the Las Vegas Strip. The Hard Rock goes above and beyond the call of duty to make guests feel like bona fide rock stars. At the Hard Rock Hotel concert tickets for the hottest shows, trendy dining options, modern guest rooms with state-of-the-art entertainment systems and an outdoor pool with piped in underwater music all adds elements younger crowds love.

Hard Rock Hotel concert tickets offer seating for shows that are among the top things to do in Vegas. The Joint is the Hard Rock's theater and The Joint concert tickets go fast when there's a headlining act in town. The Joint seats 1,400 guests and hosted hundreds of live shows from old time favorites to the biggest names in music today. When purchasing The Joint concert tickets you'll definitely want to take a look at the seating chart before investing in tickets.

The venue sometimes offers table seating but shows can get crowded much like many festivals where there is no seating at all. Things can get quite tight and you may have to fight for your own little slice of space. The best spot to stand during a really crowded show is at the back railing as many views from the seats are obscured by dancing concert-goers. Known for its personable ambiance and smaller environment, Hard Rock hotel concert tickets are highly sought after for major acts.

The Joint is one of the most popular Las Vegas attractions when famous bands are in town. The four-tiered venue features general admission atop at the balcony. From the third tier downward seats get more expensive as they get closer to the front line. With one large isle down the middle of The Joint, getting to and from your seat is fairly easy. When you want to attend a popular concert at The Joint concert tickets can be bought through the Hard Rock Hotel or online.

Just as nightclubs face stiff competition in Sin City so do concert venues. The Joint and The House of Blues have enjoyed a friendly rivalry since the 1990s. House of Blues concert tickets are also extremely popular. Some luxury Las Vegas hotels will procure them for guests but for the most part you're on your own! The House of Blues features many different kinds of events from theme dance nights to comedy acts to smash hit bands. They offer a large variety of meals for dining from breakfast through dinner and late night snacks.

Located inside Mandalay Bay on Las Vegas Boulevard, those with House of Blues concert tickets can enjoy complimentary valet service at the hotel casino affording a convenient parking option. Inside the Music Hall, where the bands and musicians perform, theater-style seating capacity is for 200 people on the second and third level and features satellite bars so you won't have to go far for a cocktail. The lower level is flanked by bars highlighted by a massive concert stage and a huge dance floor and has a standing capacity of 2000. If a famous act is in town House of Blues concert tickets go at lightening speed so be sure to plan ahead.

Las Vegas shows are an integral part of a visit to the city. Whether you've got tickets to a comedy show, a successful production show, a burlesque show or a rock concert, nothing beats the feeling of seeing a highly acclaimed performance in one of the most revered entertainment capitals in the world. With venues like the House of Blues and The Joint you can get a taste of the Vegas high-life without breaking the bank. Designed as crowd-pleasers, both of these venues are excellent for seeing headlining concerts. If the show is a highly anticipated one, be prepared for large, feisty crowds!

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