Hard Rock Pool Cabana

A trip to the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada can mean so many things. Casino gambling in the heart of the hotel; working out or getting a massage at the hotel spa; checking out the hottest dance scene in town at Vanity; grabbing a bite to eat at the Pink Taco or Hard Rock Cafe; or simply lounging by the pool. If that final option sounds like heaven, you may want to look into getting a cabana at the Hard Rock Vegas Pool, or just showing up nice and early in the morning with your towel, a book and plenty of sunscreen.

The Hard Rock Hotel pool is actually a series of smaller pools connected by a long lazy river. This layout allows for varying themes for visitors moving from one Hard Rock Vegas Pool to another. None of the Hard Rock Hotel pools, however, are really deep enough for swimming, and are better suited for walking daintily through in your bikini, or using the water to cool off between outdoor tanning sessions.

Perhaps the most popular of these Hard Rock Vegas pools is the Beach Club Pool. Beach Club is the name for the Hard Rock Hotel pool that literally functions just like a beach. Pure white sand is truck-loaded onto the site, so that rather than lounging on beach chairs perched above concrete slabs, visitors are lounging about on towels and chairs sinking deep into the sand. This is the closest thing in Vegas to an ocean-side vacation. There are even palm trees planted throughout the beach area to provide much-needed shade for the hottest months in Las Vegas.

One of the most prominent features of the Beach Club is the collection of 3-dozen or so cabanas that surround the beach area. The cabanas take Las Vegas poolside lounging to an entirely new level. Each cabana is made of grass, and looks basically like a smallish shack. Inside each celebrity-styled cabana, guests will find a phone, a personal misting system (doesn't that make you curious?), and your own phone for making like a true rock star and calling the hotel for additional drinks. As you might have guessed, cabanas do not come cheap, and are in such high demand that you need to reserve one weeks or sometimes months in advance.

The Palapa is the other great attraction near the Beach Club, and where guests will find the Hard Rock Casino Pool Las Vegas they have been hearing so much about. The Hard Rock Casino Pool Las Vegas is a swim-up bar and casino, where pool goers can keep playing blackjack without having to change out of their swimming suit. Guests who want to gamble are given small waterproof pouches to hold their money and chips, so that none of that chlorinated water gets in the way of a good time gaming. The Hard Rock Casino Pool Las Vegas is a low-stakes gambling center, meant to include all the guests of the hotel in the fun. For high stakes gambling, guests will need to dry off and head inside to the Peacock Lounge.

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