Las Vegas Hilton Rooms

The Las Vegas Hilton has closed and is now known as Westgate Hotel and Casino.

If you’re looking for views and contemporary style, it’s time to check out the Las Vegas Hilton rooms. This hotel and casino offers much more than you might expect, and fits right into the sleek nightlife scene of Las Vegas. Before you make a reservation, it pays to do a little research about the different categories of rooms you will find at the Las Vegas Hilton —it has a terrific range of choices.

There are four categories of Las Vegas Hilton rooms. Guests can choose among rooms according to price, size, and amenities. The basic level is called a Standard Room, and offers a recently renovated cozy room with wireless Internet, a plasma TV, and great views. The next level up is the Grand Room. These rooms offer 600 square feet of space that provide incredible views of the Las Vegas Strip as well as extra amenities such as a refrigerator, work space, and lounge areas.

The next category of Las Vegas Hilton rooms is the Suites. Travelers that are looking for a little more luxury will love the extra space and privacy of Hilton suites. Great features of the suites include outrageous views and the option of choosing from a range of floor plans, including one, two, or three bedroom choices. There is also extra living space for entertaining guests.

One step above the suites is the Classic Suites collection. Here suites are taken to a new level with classic touches like a grand piano, Italian marble floors, and fresco-painted ceilings. No two classic suites are alike, so choose one according to your personality. Guests that seek the ultimate luxurious experience in Las Vegas will have plenty to show off when they have the key to one of these classic suites.

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