Las Vegas Hilton Sports Book

The Las Vegas Hilton has closed and is now known as Westgate Hotel and Casino.

When it comes to betting in Las Vegas, every visitor has their favorite method of gambling. Some love the classic card games like blackjack while others prefer slot machines. One additional option for gambling in Las Vegas is a sports book. This option allows you to do live betting on horse races and other sporting events, and by far one of the best options in the city is the Las Vegas Hilton Sports Book.

You don’t get a reputation as having one of the best Las Vegas Sports books for nothing. At the Las Vegas Hilton you will find more than 300 seats and 28 large screens for catching the live sporting action. To make sure you don’t miss a single detail, there is also an enormous 15-by-20-food high-definition screen. Expect to find sports fans from Las Vegas and beyond catching live sports in this section of the Las Vegas Hilton casino.

Many travelers that come from places betting on sports is illegal are especially drawn to the Las Vegas Hilton Sports Book. Not only can you bet on horse racing and American sports, but the sports book also includes international action. Whether you’re interested in the English Premier Soccer League or the NFL, you will have plenty to bet on during a trip to Las Vegas, with a little more live excitement than what you’ll find on the regular casino games.

The best Las Vegas sports books offer not only the opportunity to bet on sports, but a great atmosphere as well. This is part of the appeal of the Hilton, and the great space they have set aside for sports fans. If card games and slot machines aren’t your idea of a good time, you can still get in on the gambling action in Las Vegas by seeking out the Sports Book at the Hilton.

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